Pet Grooming Tips You Should Practice Regularly

Author : Petly Pro | Published On : 27 May 2021

Did you just got yourself a puppy, or have you just adopted a rescue-dog, and want to learn a thing or two about dog grooming? Having to take your dog to a local pet groomer for every single simple task, is a bit overwhelming. It is always a good idea to know how to take care of your dog’s basic grooming needs. Here are some tips to help you get started:



• Brush Your Dog’s Coat - Your furry friend’s coat needs to be brushed regularly to keep their fur and their skin healthy and clean. It helps remove dead hair, dirt, debris, and therefore unpleasant smell from your pet’s coat and skin. It would also facilitate proper distribution of natural oils, that your pet’s skin produces, and this helps keeping its coat shiny too. Brushing your dog’s coat properly helps in eliminating matting and tangling, which helps make the appointment at the groomer go smoother and faster, as the basics would be already covered. You need to remember that dogs that gave longer hair would be required to be brushed more often to keep them matt-free. You would be needed to follow-up the brushing routine with brushing it with metal comb, so as to reach the skin that’s beneath the thick fur, in order to locate matt and remove it.

Brush Their Teeth - A lot of pet-owners tend to have their dog’s teeth brushed, only when they visit the Las Vegas puppy store, or a groomer, but it is not really enough. It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth regularly, and atleast 2 – 3 times in a week. Use only toothpaste and dog grooming products that are made especially for dogs. This is because, unlike humans, dogs are not able to spit. The toothpaste that humans use contain some ingredients that are harmful when swallowed, and this could make your dog sick. One may choose to use toothbrush designed for children, as it would be softer on your pet’s gums. For some people, however, it is much easier to use rubber finger brush. In case, you find it really difficult and an overwhelming task to brush your dog’s teeth, then you should get your pet those specially-designed dental sprays and chew treats.

Trim Their Nails - Just like nails grow in humans, it does so in dogs too, and some breed of dogs tend to grow nails rather quicker than others. And some may be required to have their nails trimmed ever couple of weeks. At the same time, there are breeds that can do well without a trim for more than six weeks. Nail-trimming can be the least favorite task for a lot of people. But being diligent is the key. Visiting a dog groomer every six to eight weeks, and having your dog’s nails tipped can be enough.

Clean Their Ears - All dogs need their ears cleaned atleast once every month. At the same time, if your dog is one with longer or heavier ears that tends to flop over ear canals, then it would be better to have it cleaned for frequently.