perspective of Love according to the World.

Author : Dictionary ish | Published On : 24 Aug 2021

Have you ever had a moment when you have to experience a shift in your love and thoughts? Perhaps you went from being in love and thoughts towards being in love and thoughts. This change can happen for many different reasons. You may find yourself changing locations or circumstances or it might be because you meet someone new. You might want to take a second honeymoon somewhere exotic. You might just have a moment where you stop and think.

But what if you never had that shift in perspective of love and thoughts? Suppose you love someone and thoughts about them run through your mind all the time? Do you still love them? If you don't, how do you go about changing these perspectives of your love?

The perspective of love in your life

Firstly, let's talk about this in a non-judgmental way. You love someone because they are good to you and that makes you happy. That makes them part of you. You, therefore, feel happy with their presence in your life.

So on one level, everything is love, and thoughts about them will always come into play. What does that mean though? It means that no matter how you love them, it doesn't necessarily mean that you love them unconditionally. Love means different things for different people. Understanding this helps us to put the perspective of love in a different framework.

The perspectives of people and ideas about love

If you love someone unconditionally, then you love them in the same way whether they are great or bad. You won't feel love and thoughts of pain for something that you consider to be bad. That's how simple it is.

But if for example, you love someone because they're pretty, then you might be judging them by that criteria. The perspective of love and understanding here is that pretty people have good feelings towards others. They do deserve love and should be loved back. If you've been conditioned to think otherwise, then the perspective of love isn't going to help at all.

But on the other hand, if you love someone based on what they bring to your life, then you're in a much better position to appreciate them and their qualities. Because, based on your perspective of love, they're a person that gives you many different things. They can give you pleasure, love, and peace. They can help you grow as a person. And depending on how you judge them, they can also be a very inspiring person.

So if you haven't found your perspective of love and thoughts, find yours. It will make a huge difference in your life. Start today. I wish you well.

Now, back to what I said at the beginning of the article, "You've got to start with yourself first when you're looking for love and peace." That doesn't mean you ignore other people or things. You've got to put yourself in their place first. If you get in love and peace with yourself first, everything else will fall into place and be easier.

Accepting the opinions and perspectives of the World

Many people will come up at different points in your life with different perspectives about everything. It is up to you whether you block all the negative perspectives or take them in. It all depends on you and you alone. Your character is built according to these options.

Whatever may happen in your life, Your own individual perspective matters a lot, so build on that. With the passage of time, you too shall become a man of character and solace.