OSIRIS 2nd Blockchain-based web browser, ACENT (ACE) listed on KuCoin

Author : AS SEO | Published On : 08 May 2021

(May 8, 2021): ACENT is a blockchain company that develops a blockchain-based web 3.0 browser and operates the 'OSIRIS Browser' with 350,000 users in 147 countries. The ACENT token is used as the basic token of the OSIRIS browser.


The reason ACENT was able to list on KuCoin, the global 5th largest cryptocurrency exchange, is due to its 350,000 users and technology. OSIRIS browser provides free services such as privacy protection, a free VPN, and ad blocking for users.


Recently, instability occurs frequently in platforms that provide exclusive services such as hacking issues of large IT companies, major service errors of Google, and Android OS errors. In that situation, the OSIRIS browser has proven its worth.


In particular, OSIRIS browser users in Korea gave positive feedback saying, "Thanks to Osiris, we were able to use the service without problems such as Google and Android errors."


ACENT's technology will not stop and launch additional services for blockchain users. Blockchain users installed a separate extension program to use dApps and required additional programs to be installed depending on the mainnet. However, the ACENT metawallet is built into the OSIRIS browser, allowing users to use dApps in an all-in-one multichain solution without having to install and learn multiple conflicting extension wallets. In addition, OSIRIS multi-wallet is equipped with its own cross-chain engine 'OCEAN', so users can experience various mainnets by swapping tokens in the metawallet.


The ACENT team said, "ACENT is preparing to provide the best web experience to blockchain users with a web 3.0 browser. Currently, browsers and multi-wallets are being developed in-house, and in cooperation with dAppstore, a dApp total marketplace that is building and expanding dApp ecosystem platforms, Osiris will also be equipped with dApp marketplace functions in the browser."


KuCoin listed project LUNA in Korea in August 2019. At the time, LUNA traded at around $0.2, but as of 2021 it has risen to around $23. In doing so, KuCoin proved a high level view of the project. ACENT, which is currently listed on KuCoin, is also attracting attention from many investors.


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