Online MBA Sports Management Course! Does it Make Sense

Author : Himangshu Talukdar | Published On : 03 Jul 2021

Of course, it did. Why else big names who are running online sports management courses are doing this? MBA in sports management covers every nook and cranny of the sports world. And you will specialize in your chosen segment. But from the framing of the question, it appears that there are quite a few misconceptions that need clarification. Let's start from the beginning.

What is the ambit of the MBA in Sports Management Course?

Since MBA in sports' Management is a somewhat offbeat course in India, people don't get a clear picture like MBA in marketing or finance. It will add to further confusion if someone with MBA in sports management degree under his belt starts working as a Public Relations Manager or Account Coordinator in an organization.

MBA in any discipline is a professional course; the purpose of all such curricula is to train the students to handle practical problems. In Sports Management, the opportunities are innumerable; because the reach of sports is vast and varied. So there is every possibility that you are doing marketing activities more avidly with your MBA in sports management under your belt than your compatriot with an MBA in marketing.

One more thing, if you want to be a sports management professional, you must be passionate about sports. It's a unique field where you can follow your passion, and that's why it is fiercely competitive. 

What is the benefit of an online course?

The beauty of the online course is that you can go over and over any lecture to understand the nuances. You can also discuss the matter in your forum with other students to evaluate it from multiple angles. Moreover, you have the option to fall back on the course coordinator or the visiting faculty to clear your doubts.

The other benefit is that you can attend the lecture from the comfort of your home, with no hassle to search an accommodation that fits your budget. And don't have to brave the threat of the Covid in search of food to keep you healthy. Online study will reduce your cost burden, though at the cost of campus life.

But that doesn't mean online courses come cheap. Not at all; on the contrary, it may affect your funding through scholarship. 

There is also the issue of accreditation. Here is a caveat, all online courses may not have accreditation. And non-accredited degrees/diplomas do not carry any weightage in the job market. Therefore, take care to check the details well in advance, at least before enrollment. However, the COVID pandemic has forced most educational institutions to switch to online mode for survival. 

Do online courses depreciate the weightage of the specialization?

The answer is not a straightforward yes or no. There is, of course, exists a distinction between full-time institutional education and distance learning. But the way to redemption is in the grasp of the incumbent. The trick is to take it as a make-or-break situation. 

The online course offers a certain degree of freedom; use that time to improve your understanding of the course papers. If you go through the course papers, you will find quite a few topics you avoided in your early days. The papers may include mathematics or biology, nothing unusual; we all suffer from certain degrees of mental blockage (my personal Waterloo is logical thinking)! Now is the time to tackle it head-on. 

If you take it in all seriousness, you will find those are not rocket science and is not very difficult to sail through.

In the job market, your intensity, honesty, and knowledge count, and nothing else. The same is true for the job interview.


In the present pandemic scenario, several Institutes are offering the Best Online MBA Sports Management course in India. But here is a caveat, Management courses are intense and demanding. To excel, you must be passionate and develop the quality of thinking out-of-the-box. There is a long of doing a job, or you can innovate a way to solve without going through the winding path. It is that skill that matters.

Here is a piece of friendly advice, if you are not passionate about sports- if you shun hard and long working hours -if you do not like to travel on short notice, MBA Sports Management is not your forte. It may be true, enrolment in a sports management course is less competitive, but it does not mean it is easygoing. The course curricula cover different aspects of human physiology, psychology, and market forces. Therefore, your love and passion for sports and your quest for knowledge matters most.

Ask yourself, introspect, talk to your peers, and enroll. There is no reason why you can't be a topper! Hard work, clear understanding, and a hunger for learning is the decider.

In the field of sports management, do not worry about your paycheck - the sky is the limit. Good luck!