Number of IB Schools Growing in India

Author : Podar International School School | Published On : 02 Jun 2021

Throughout two decades of fast economic expansion have sparked a surge in demand for private, foreign education among India's increasing middle class, resulting in the establishment of schools all over the country. Most major cities now have an international school, with New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai having the most concentrations. There are 185 IB World Institutions in India, and 146 schools provide the IB Diploma.

The IB programme originated in Geneva in 1968 and was implemented in the United States in 1971. It's a global education-focused worldwide curriculum aimed at producing pupils who can thrive in a worldwide world. When educators talk about “IB programmes” in American high schools, they're usually referring to IB curriculum geared for students aged 16 to 19, or grades 11 to 12.

IB students are encouraged to think critically and solve complex problems, to take charge of their own learning, as a key component of educational programmes that can lead to admission to some of the world's top universities, to become more culturally aware, and to be able to engage with people in an increasingly globalised, rapidly changing world.

Starting an IB school is not easy and that is also why India has such few number of them. Obtaining the necessary affiliation is the most important step before launching an IB school in India. The person or group of people who want to create an IB school must first figure out how much money they will need to invest. The essential requirements of land, infrastructure, location, academics, finances, management, and other setups must be met in every element, with suitable standards, permits, approvals, and acceptance. Education board officials will conduct regular inspections to ensure correct paperwork, school progress, and the receipt of the No Objection Certificate.

In India, Maharashtra has most number of IB schools and hence parents might try to search and admit their child into a good school and they might search Best IB School in Mumbai which provides a list of different schools which basically are similar in their ways to deliver the appropriate education. However, some schools produce extraordinary results making them one of the top 10 IB schools in Mumbai, one of them being Podar.

These extraordinary results are achieved due to experienced teachers and interesting ways to teaching, calm and peaceful learning environment, personalized learning and in the end constantly  associate students with wonderful universities by helping students navigate the process of selecting and applying to top institutions with the support of top-notch academics and an experienced staff of high school counsellors.

While virtually all students, parents, and counsellors believe that the IB provides a greater educational experience, it is still considered as a preferable alternative for kids who plan to continue their education beyond the programme.

Moreover, even as the number of IB schools grows, counsellors advise parents to choose institutions with adequate expertise in administering the curriculum and a track record of university placements. It is true that students are the real creators of their future but a good school provides a push in the right direction.