No One Does It Better Then Gong Cha When It Comes to Summer Slush Series

Author : Rosario Berry | Published On : 11 May 2022

As the temperatures rise and summer sets in, it is time to spend more time drinking hydrating, refreshing, and nutritious drinks. Bubble tea, with its icy and stimulating composition, is just the perfect drink to beat the summer heat while getting the much-needed nutrients from the different types of ingredients. Gong cha offers a special Slush Series that is just perfect for this season.


The Summer Slush Series


The Summer Slush Series from Gong cha includes a wide range of fruity and other flavors and options. When you visit a Gong cha bubble tea shop near you, you are sure to find your favorite flavor. Besides, the brand is always introducing new flavors and ingredients to enhance the experience.


The Slush Series offers the following flavors:


? Passionfruit Yogurt

? Lychee

? Mango Milk

? Strawberry Milk

? Taro Milk

? Matcha Milk

? Caramel Chocolate

? Milk Foam Peach Slush W/ Star Jelly


However, there is more to this list as you can control the level of ice, sugar, and caffeine to create a more personalized experience. At Gong cha, customers can create over 600 possible combinations of bubble tea by adjusting the sugar and ice levels, tea type, milk type, and toppings.


What Makes Gong cha Special?


Every cup of Gong cha is special. So, when you enjoy your cup of Passionfruit Yogurt or Matcha Milk at a Gong cha store, you will know that it is specifically prepared for you.


There are many reasons Gong cha stands out from the crowd. This includes:


? Fresh tea is brewed every 4 hours.

? Tapioca pearls and other ingredients are also freshly prepared all day long.

? The tea is sourced from the finest tea estates in the world.

? All ingredients are sourced and prepared following strict quality controls.


Gong cha has a global reputation for its Slush Series, Milk Foam Series, Milk Tea Series, and a number of other bubble tea and other categories of fruity, delicious, and icy drinks.


Key Characteristics of Gong cha


When you visit a Gong cha shop for your bubble tea experience, you can always experience something special. Not only is the brand always updating its product line-up by adding new and innovative flavors, but the customer experience itself is also unique.


Every guest is greeted warmly and every cup of drink is prepared and served with the goal of creating happiness in your heart. Both customers and in-house team members are treated with utmost integrity and dignity.


Gong cha has over 1670 locations worldwide and the numbers continue to grow. There are over 100 franchise stores in the U.S. and you can find one near you. As the temperatures continue to rise, there is a lot that you can benefit from visiting one of these shops to enjoy your favorite flavor from their Slush series. This can just be the right time to treat your friends and loved ones to the perfect cup of the icy drink.


If you want to learn more about the bubble tea and other drinks offered by Gong cha, feel free to contact here.


About the Author:


Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong cha USA. Bubble tea or boba tea has been gaining widespread popularity in the U.S. and global markets because of its versatility and customization in terms of ingredients and flavors.