New Single by Destinee Lynn What Could Have Been Now Released on Youtube, Itunes

Author : AS SEO | Published On : 06 May 2021

(May 6, 2021): Every song carries an underlining emotion with it and that emotion creates a stir inside the heart of the listeners. In the last few years there have been very few artists who have come up with such songs. Specially very few artists came with their singles so powerful that elates the listener inside. There can be melodies, there can be the beats or the rhythms, but the proper accumulation of all these have very seldom has created the perfection of the presentation.


Destinee Lynn has come up with that kind of a presentation in her new single "What Could Have Been". This happens to be an emotional single that offers the feelings that make the listeners feel the different stages. The song displays the distaste for a guy she was falling in love with but found out he was cheating.


The subject is explored from different aspects of melody, tune and lyrics that offer the presentations highly exciting for the listeners. Even after listening the single its tunes and melodies stay with them. What Could Have Been has already reached the hearts of the listeners. Be it the impression of the pain or its visual representations, all happens to be perfect at every level now. Available now on Facebook, Instagram, the song has reached millions of song lovers now. Released in 05.04 the song is available on every streaming platform.


About Destinee Lynn:

 She is a singer who has come up with her single what could have been. Her song is now live at all the leading streaming sites. Filled with emotions, the song offers the emotions deep beneath.


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