Never-to-be-missed Essential Tips & Features for Two Tier Bicycle Racks

Author : Joseph Morgan | Published On : 16 Oct 2021

Tips for Choosing the Right Two-tier bicycle racks

Designing and planning cycle parking requires understanding the differences between bike racks and the appropriate circumstances in which to apply various designs. The amount of available space in your bike storage location is the most significant factor in determining whether or not a two-tiered bike rack will suit your particular requirements.

To properly construct these Two Tier Bicycle Racks, the distance between the wall and the bicycle must be at least ten feet, and it should be extended beyond the bike as well. To utilise this kind of bike storage rack efficiently, 72 inches of the room is required for the stored bicycle, and additional 48 inches of aisle space is needed.

Tips for Choosing a Two-Tier Bike Rack

The primary reason for choosing a Double Tier Bike Racks is typically to maximize available space, and this is where you should begin when evaluating particular options. One significant distinction between two-layer bike storage racks and one-tier bike storage racks is that they are either built with rack components of the same height or with rack parts that alternate in size. 

As with the Bike Storage Tier-equal-height Rack's design, each bike compartment may be set farther apart so that the handlebars do not overlap

A two-tiered bike rack is placed at the same height as the previous frame is described.

? This requires a slight increase in width to accommodate the same amount of bicycles.

? When using racks with staggered heights, such as the Horizontal Storage rack, the option is to group the frames closer together, which reduces the overall width of the unit.

? As a result, the first decision will be based on the number of racks or bike storage spaces you want and the available space for the frames.

? It's also important to be mindful of the length of the racks when ordering.

? Local laws may stipulate that the rack may only be extended a particular distance from the wall before it is illegal. Using the 2 Tier Bike Racks for example, the distance is 65 and 34 inches in length.

? The Horizontal Storage Rack option extends the rack out to a total of 70 inches.

? The capacity to raise a bicycle to the higher racks is another important factor to take into account.

? Bicycles are manually placed on the top level of the racks when using the Bike Storage tier and Horizontal Storage Rack units, which are both available.

? Madrax Bike Boost Storage units have an essential lift-assist feature that allows the bicycle to be loaded closer to the ground and then mechanically restored to the higher bike storage location.

Bike Rack with Horizontal Storage

In the event that you are searching for a higher-density solution that can accommodate more bicycles in a smaller space, the Horizontal Storage Bike Rack is a good option to consider.

The height of every other rack in this unit is 8 inches higher than the height of the other racks due to the design of this unit. This decreases the distance between racks without creating an issue with handlebars that are in conflict with one another. When compared to the Bike Storage tier, the unit occupies less space and allows for the storage of a greater number of bicycles in a given space.

Concluding Lines

It's essential to keep in mind that, on average, e-bikes are more costly than conventional bicycles. Ensure that your parking solution is adequately safe and that you always offer bike storage racks that enable every bike to be adequately secured, if you haven't previously.