Need for parents to take a cultural journey themselves

Author : Uma Bharati | Published On : 02 Jun 2021

Parents are undoubtedly the most important role models for their children, at least when they are really young. In order to set the children up for success, parents need to take a cultural journey. It is to be kept in mind that your kids would be following your example. To guide them to be culturally-rooted, you would have to set an example by taking up a cultural journey yourself.

It is the mindset of the parents that create an impression among the children. In case if you are wondering why it is being difficult to get your children excited about their roots and culture, the following factors might have a role to play:

Traditions: Every culture revolves around certain traditions and habits, deviating from which can hamper the cultural cultivation among kids. For instance, the Indian culture puts considerable emphasis on knowledge and light. This is why oil lamps lit at temples and even homes are never put out. It signifies the importance of the permanent presence of the light of positivity. Hence lighting a lamp at home everyday in the morning and evening will pave way for your children to watch you and start questioning, thereby learning.

Knowledge: Parents can share with their kids the knowledge they possess. However, a common problem with cultural cultivation among the children of today's generation is that their parents lack the necessary cultural knowledge. For instance, you may expect your children to be as traditional as you were at their age. However, it is possible that your parents possessed more cultural knowledge and were able to mould you better. Also, comparing different generations is not productive. So equip yourselves with valid answers to your children's questions or find the answer together with your children to help them get to the root of cultural practices.

School teachings: What your children learn at school might not be the best teachings for cultural development. In the contemporary world, most schools emphasize 'modernization' and care more about having good-looking uniforms and sophisticated facilities. While none of these is bad, it is also necessary for the school to teach children the necessary cultural values. At the end of the day, your child needs to learn how to live his/her life with the righteous values, in order to excel in his intellectual pursuit.

Lifestyle: The lifestyle maintained in your home is crucial for the cultural development of your kids. Lifestyle is an integral part of culture and vice versa, which makes it important to maintain a lifestyle that would foster the traditional culture among your children. If traditional clothes are worn and traditional food is eaten at home at least on occasions, the child is more likely to follow the traditions too.

Family mindset: As mentioned earlier, the mindset of the parents greatly influences that of the children. Kids learn considerably from their parents' mindset, behavior, and actions. This is why it is necessary to teach through example. If the parents don't follow the traditions much or don't attend cultural events, it is unrealistic for them to expect their child to be culturally sound.

Thus, culture plays a major role in shaping your kids' personalities. In case your child doesn't want to follow the traditions and against sociocultural norms, improper cultural cultivation can quite possibly be a reason behind it. Parents need to allocate some time to refresh themselves about the things that were passed on by their parents and elders during their upbringing. There is nothing wrong in reaching out to elders and asking them what important things that parents should imbibe in their children. Modern lifestyles, work pressures, and conditions are constraints that can be overcome by some efforts on part of parents to provide a proper cultured upbringing to their children. Yes, it needs some effort but it is worth it. 

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