NCERT Solutions for Class 11 History

Author : Saurabh Jadhav | Published On : 11 Jan 2022

 NCERT Solutions for class 11 History Solutions are written in a language that is very simple and student-oriented. Answers are provided with detailed timelines of events so that it is easy for a student to associate a certain timeline with a certain question. The solutions of history are provided in a pdf format so that it becomes really easy for students to access the material contained in Themes in World History Class 11 NCERT pdf.

The solutions contain solved answers for all the chapters included in NCERT textbook-like ‘From the Beginning of Time’, ‘An Empire across Three Continents’, ‘Writing and City Life’, ‘Confrontation of Cultures’, ‘The Industrial Revolution’ etc. The chapters in Themes in World History NCERT provide detailed and accurate information about the events. Creators of NCERT Class 11 History solutions have made sure that the information required to answer the questions comes from the textbook only. No additional reference book is used to provide answers for Class 11 History.

Themes in World History NCERT solutions are cross-checked, re-examined and updated on a regular basis in order to make students both competition and exam ready at the same time. The language used satisfies the learning abilities of Class 11 students. Extramarks solutions are written in a way that develops curiosity among Students to know more about world history and how have the events influenced the contemporary scenario presently.