Mystifying Opal Gemstone Rings You'll Fall in Love With

Author : Pearce Jewelers | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

If you've been thinking of switching up your diamond and are looking for a mystifying, unique, and alluring gemstone, why not try an opal. Opal engagement rings in West Lebanon, NH, have a different type of glimmer which is ideal for a bride looking for something magical and subtle.


These gemstones are the birthstone of people born in October and date back to the Middle Ages. In fact, opals were believed to have spiritual properties and make the wearer invisible. These gemstones are one of a kind and much more affordable than big diamond rings, they were worn throughout the ages by royalty and are absolutely stunning.


Benefits of an opal gemstone

Opal gemstone jewelry in West Lebanon, NH, comes with a lot of significance as well as charm and elegance. These gemstones have a natural and lustrous shine without too many extra details and while they are beautiful gemstones, they are also delicate and fragile and if not taken care of properly can get scratched easily.


Opals come in a wide variety of shades and even though you can pick from almost any color, including white, black opals are the rarest and more expensive gemstones of all. 


These gemstones may look pure white but once they are cut and set in your ring, move it around and you’ll notice an ethereal flash of a rainbow or a kaleidoscope of hues across its surface. This muted color gives the stones a stunning hue.


Opals are also smooth stones and if you are getting them set, always go in for metals like platinum or rose gold which brings our its color. You can even pick a round cut for your opal so that its hue is more visible.


The Takeaway

When it comes to taking care of your opal ring, keep in mind that they are soft gemstones and need to be handled carefully. Its’ always good to give your opal ring to a professional jeweler to repair, clean, and maintain so that it stays in good condition. These experts have the right tools and equipment to clean your opal gently without damaging it.


Also make sure that you store your opal ring securely when you are cleaning, handling chemicals or abrasives, gardening, showering, or swimming, and avoid submerging it in water or going adventuring with it. Opals, if taken care of well, make beautiful heirloom pieces.