MSP: The best solution for your business

Author : QXRPO USA | Published On : 30 Apr 2021

What is an MSP? 

An MSP can mean two things in recruitment, Managed Service Program and Managed Service Provider. Both these terms are used interchangeably.  

A Managed Service Program is a type of recruitment service in which an external recruitment outsourcing company provides recruitment and management related solutions of the contingent workers of the client organization. The contingent workers include freelancers, independent consultants, contractual workers and other temporary workers who are not full time employees of the organization. 

A Managed Service Program provides end to end care of non-permanent workforce of their client organization – starting from supplier management to strategic workforce planning and even beyond. 

What is the difference between a Managed Service Program and a Managed Service Provider? 

In the corporate sector, the term MSP is used similarly for both Managed Service Program and Managed Service Provider. Managed Service Program is a combination of services for managing non-permanent staff provided by a Managed Service Provider which is a specialist in this purpose.  

As these two terms can cause confusion, both are used in their full forms in this article. 

Benefits of a Managed Service Program: 

The corporate sector and the work scenario is becoming more complex and complicated with each passing day. The number of non-permanent workers is increasing as well. Having a capable Managed Service Provider to take care of all the needs of your temporary workers has a lot of benefits. 

  1. Transparency: A Managed Service Program provides complete transparency to the client company over their contingent workforce. A Managed Service Provider uses best quality technique and technology to hire the best temporary talent for their clients. A good Managed Service Program frees up the company’s HR so that they can invest their time and energy to more permanent aspects of the company. 

  1. Swiftness: A Managed Service Provider is specialized in hiring the most suitable talent according to your unique needs at the most right moment. Managed Service Providers can help businesses to be more swift and adaptable to the ever changing trends of the corporate sector.  

  1. Flexibility: A Managed Service Program increases the scalability and flexibility of the contingent workforce of a business during peaks and lows. It can help to increase or decrease the number of temporary staff according to demand.  A proper Managed Service Program ensures that a company is never short of staff. 

  • When you are handling customer data, security is a major issue to be taken care of. 
  • In just the first four months of 2018, more than 260 million records containing sensitive information were compromised.  
  • A large number of organizations are realizing the benefits of MSP. In 2019, the global MSP market value was $185.95 billion. It is estimated to reach $356.24 by the end of 2025. 
  • A network disaster can cost an average of $5600 per minute which is a huge amount of money. An average MSP costs around $300 per hour. One can easily decide which one is less costly. 
  • Why should you choose MSP? 
  • A Managed Service Program takes care of your IT problems as well. Having a team fixed to solve IT problems frees up your existing employees to do what they are actually hired to do. 
  •  It saves a lot of money as well. Isn’t it wiser to have a fixed monthly expenditure for all IT problems than spending thousands on unforeseen Cyber problems? 
  • Most Managed Service Providers offer a combination of onshore and offshore workers, which not only lowers the average cost but also enriches your resource. 
  • MSPs do not wait and watch until a cyber-mishap happens. They take a continuous protective measure so that no such cyber mishaps happen at all.  
  • Day to day activities are also hard enough to manage when you do not have a qualified professional specifically for that requirement. 
  • An MSP ensures that client data is handled and kept safely which lifts off the burden from existing staff. 

Where to find the best MSP solutions for your business? 

As you can easily observe, the business landscape is rapidly changing, and it is leaning towards a more flexible and remote workforce. Recruitment was never an easy task to take care of. It has become even harder to ensure compliance, managing shift bookings and taking care of timesheets, maintaining costs without compromising on the quality in the new normal situation of work. QX global group is a leading recruitment service provider who offers a data driven full cycle recruitment strategy and contingent workforce management solutions in their outsourced offshore Managed Service Program.   

If you choose to outsource MSP to QX global group, QX global group will – 

  • Increase the efficiency of the recruitment process. 
  • Cut costs both directly and indirectly 
  • Streamline the entire recruitment process for better management 
  • Save a lot of time 
  • Improve the quality of the candidates being hired.  

Don’t hesitate, Choose MSP solutions from QX global group for a more efficient workforce at a much lower cost.