Most Incredible Vietnam Tours from Singapore

Author : Fayyaz Travels | Published On : 11 May 2022

Fayyaz Travels offers one of the most incredible Vietnam Tours from Singapore. All of our packages are tailored to the preferences and tastes of travellers who want to experience this country in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia's most beautiful countries. It is extremely popular among travelers due to its spectacular beauty, culture, and history, all of which are well worth your time and attention.

This country has it all, from Buddhist pagodas to French colonial landmarks, rustic scenic villages to bustling cities. The country's iconic attractions include beaches, rivers, war history museums, national parks, World War II secret tunnels, and much more.

Are you thinking about going to Vietnam for your next vacation but aren't sure where to start? Get rid of all your concerns and contact Fayyaz Travels to embark on the most exciting Vietnam Tour from Singapore. Vietnam is one of the most exciting countries in Southeast Asia, known for its beautiful beaches, Buddhist pagodas, rivers, and vibrant cities.

It is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and low-cost accommodations. With us, you can find the least crowded and even more affordable options for spending your vacation money wisely. Choose your favourite package and get ready to experience everything listed below:

The food: the cuisine of Vietnam is known for its balanced mixture of flavours from different cultures and serves dishes such as banh mi sandwiches, fried eggs, fresh vegetables, tofu, and so on.

There is a huge population of Buddhist people due to which even the vegetarian travellers can find various dishes for themselves such as sticky rice, pho noodle soup, fresh rolls, and steamed buns.     

Beautiful landscape: Vietnam is famous for its lush green farmlands and humongous mountains which make for breathtaking scenery. The country’s land stretches for more than 2,000 miles of coastline with different climates in different regions. The tourists can experience different weather and scenery at different places at the same time.  

Hospitality: the hospitality of Vietnam is worth taking note of. The inhabitants are extremely welcoming and helpful and would never hesitate to provide any assistance or help. 

Affordability: there is no better country than Vietnam when it comes to budget traveling. It is very much affordable as compared to other tourist destinations. There are ample hotels and restaurants which are noticeably cheaper and the food costs much less despite being the most delicious in the world.    

Culture: Vietnam has a rich tradition, long history, and a strong Buddhist influence. There are many festivals that are celebrated every year such as the Tet holiday, buffalo fighting festival, national festivities, and much more.    

Hence, choose your favourite package of Vietnam Tour from Singapore and experience Vietnam at its best exclusively with this you can also experience the best of the Northern Lights tour package from Singapore – Fayyaz Travels.