More Than Just Picture Hanging

Author : Peter Bonson | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

Even the best intentions when it comes to hanging pictures can end in disaster, however you can avoid the common pitfalls with a few simple and easy steps.

Traditionally older homes will have a picture rail, many in the UK today still have picture rails and these are a wonderful resource to use for displaying pictures on top or below by attaching a picture hook. These picture rails are fixed usually near the top cornicing of a home, however some feature walls will have picture rails lower on the wall limiting you use of the wall as an entire space.

The Gallery System Picture and art hanging systems utilize the benefits of a picture rail while adding complete flexibility to where your art is positioned. The Gallery System picture hanging system can be easily installed on any wall an consists of a track, like the old school rails but removable and easy to install, this track is mounted usually along the top of the wall flush with your cornicing. The track is secured with easy to install, either screw in or drilled in, depending on your wall composition, and wall anchors. Tracks come in 2 metre lengths and can be cut to size to fit any length wall or area; they can also be combined to covered larger areas.

Once the track is installed you are ready to start hanging. To hang your pictures on the art hanging system, small cables are used and anchored to both the artwork and the track. These cables are attached via hangers to the track and adjustable hooks to your artworks. The adjustable hooks give you the freedom to move your artworks up and down until they are where you want them. The hangers slide easily along the track allowing you freedom to move your artworks without damage.

Once you have discovered the ease of a Gallery Art hanging system you are ready to start hanging your pictures. The question now is “ Where do I hang my pictures?”

Simple Steps on How to Hang Your Artwork

Some of the common mistakes that occur when people hang their pictures is a lack of preplanning. Pictures and artworks should be matched to the size of the room, the size of the wall and the surroundings. As art is a subjective and personal touch, there are always exceptions to the rules and importantly the space where your art is hanging needs to feel right.

Fit the Space

Choosing your artworks is exciting and you should always choose something you like rather than just something that matches. For the best results a few simple tips will help ensure your space is aesthetically pleasing. Large pictures or artworks can be intimidating to the novice designer, but if you have high ceilings or a large space, a large artwork will add another dimension to your space. Likewise, if it’s a long wall, a long rectangular piece may work better than a taller narrower piece. If you have a small space don’t overload it with a large picture, here you may want smaller pieces.


Balancing your artworks, means grouping similar colours, themes or textures together to bring a sense of purpose and warmth to the space. A hodge podge of mismatched artworks just doesn’t fell right. This may mean hanging a series of small but similar sized frames together and if doing so make sure the centre one is at eye level. If you have a standout piece that doesn’t match any other artworks place it in the room with some soft furnishings or furniture that compliments it.

Hang at Eye Level

Hanging your pictures and art at eye level will ensure no one is straining up or down to focus on the art. You should aim to hang the center of your art work at eye level which is approximately 57 inches or 144 cms from the ground to the center of the artwork. There are some exceptions to this rule, if you are hanging above a lounge or another piece of furniture then the artworks need to balance the space, so an approximate guide is 8-10 inches above the lounge back but you also need to consider where the ceiling is and you may find you need to go slightly higher or lower, depending on how large your artwork is and how low your ceilings area.

Not every wall will need a picture on it, sometimes a blank space is important to open a room. Too many artworks or pictures can close in a room and make it feel smaller and more cramped than it is.

Using a Gallery Hanging picture hanging system will make your art hanging a simple and enjoyable task, so it’s time to get creative today.