Monogram Handkerchief – Style for any special occasion

Author : Rumaal India | Published On : 13 Oct 2021

Why settle for plain handkerchiefs when you can add a little personalization to them? Do you find it hard to believe that your favourite handkerchief can now be fully customized? You can now get your initials embroidered on any cotton and hemp handkerchief sold in Rumaal's online shop. Little monogramming on the handkerchief can add a beautiful embroidered detail to a handkerchief.

If you are shopping for an eco-friendly gift for your loved ones for a birthday, baby shower, or any casual gift, then this is the one you should look forward to. It can prove to be much useful and zero-waste product.

The embroidered letter adds elegance to the handkerchief, making the handkerchief more of a statement. There is something about a monogram that makes your outfit much more sophisticated.

If you need to add initials on your handkerchief, we can help you out with customization, be sure to check out our website.

Monogramming on pocket squares can be eye-catchy in weddings, formal events, or any other occasion you wear. The monogram handkerchief set makes a fantastic, thoughtful gift for your loved ones. To your surprise we provide monogramming on both handkerchiefs, i.e., cotton handkerchief and hemp handkerchief.

Monogram size is 1cm in height, and the colour of the monogram will depend on the colour of the Rumaal. A monogram on a handkerchief can include a maximum of three letters. We also do our logo monogramming on all the handkerchiefs sold on Rumaal, making our handkerchiefs unique and elegant. The handkerchiefs provided by us are both durable and machine washable for easy use.

You can see here how the monogramming will be done on cotton and hemp handkerchiefs.

best cotton handkerchiefs


In the above image, you can see initials are embroidered on the handkerchief, and a logo is also embroidered at the top. Why buy single when you can get customized monogramming done on a set of handkerchiefs at a reasonable price? Yes, you heard it right. You can get a personalized monogram on a handkerchief set.

All the handkerchiefs we provide at Rumaal are unisex, making no distinction between men and women. Cotton and hemp handkerchiefs can be used in multipurpose ways such as the headscarf, hair tie, in a ponytail, to style handbag, tie around the neck, and in many such ways by women and as a pocket square by men.

Many of you might not be aware, but pocket squares can add an extra bit of elegance and sophistication to your look. The pocket square is a handkerchief placed in the upper pocket of a jacket or blazer. A pocket square cannot only be styled in the wedding but any professional or formal event. If you want the handkerchief, especially for a suit pocket, then mention that the position of monogramming on the pocket square will differ from the initials on the handkerchief.

Furthermore, these pretty cotton and hemp handkerchiefs can be used as a bandana to tie around a dog's neck to give more cuteness to the dog.

How much does it cost?

It all depends on the quantity of the handkerchiefs you want to get monogrammed. The cost of the embroidery on a handkerchief may vary according to the quantity. But yes, the more the quantity you choose for monogram, the lesser the cost per piece.

Ok, let’s do it. Are you seeking a custom-made cotton or hemp hanky for a special occasion? Do you want a set of personalized handkerchiefs for any event? Contact us and tell us about it. We will make it happen for you.