Monetizing a Fitness App: How To

Author : Lindsay Prop | Published On : 08 May 2021

Are you seriously thinking about how to create a fitness app? If this is a case, you should determine first whether and how you monetize it. Surprisingly, monetization ways are nearly limitless, and you shouldn’t neglect them. 

It can be a one-time fee for the users, monthly or yearly subscription, seemingly free app with in-built ads and in-app purchases for some advanced features and content. Such apps are a great added value for gyms and fitness centres. For example, once the subscription is paid, the fitness centre member receives free access to the customized fitness app, helping them to arrange the gym activities, providing valuable gym-related information and what not (from nutrition pieces of advice to calories and vitals tracking).

Money flow can go either from individual users or from your partners: gyms, healthcare providers, providers of health services, advertising partners.