A Guide to Hire a Forklift

Author : Mario Conti | Published On : 23 Mar 2022


Whether you own a commercial warehouse or run an e-commerce business from your garage, you can benefit from forklift rental Sydney to help move heavy items around. But before making the final decision, there are several things to consider about forklift hire Sydney from where to hire one to which kind of forklift to purchase. Here is your guide on renting a used forklift.

Training Requirements

Do you have specific training requirements for your forklift operators? If so, make sure that these are communicated at all levels of your company and that they’re met before your employees are allowed to operate a forklift. If there aren’t any special or mandatory training requirements for operating a forklift at your workplace, it’s probably still recommended that workers get some kind of formal training.

Insurance Requirements

Before you even begin looking for forklifts, make sure you have coverage in place for your business. Before hiring anyone or purchasing equipment, contact your insurance agent and let them know about all of your new hires/purchases. Let them know when these new employees will be starting and what their responsibilities will be. This way, they can double-check that you’re protected.

Hourly vs. Daily Rate

Are you looking for someone to hire on an hourly or daily basis? Hourly rate is generally best when you’re short-term and/or have heavy-duty work. Daily rate can work well for long-term, light-duty operations.

Licensing and Permits

When it comes to all terrain forklift hire Sydney, check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure you're in compliance with licensing requirements. Do not use a forklift until you've completed all of your state's licensing procedures, including forklift safety training, and are permitted by law.

Manufacturer Reputation

The forklift is one of those machines that you don’t want to skimp on. Too many companies cut corners in ways they think won’t affect performance. But they’re wrong. You need to find out what kind of reputation your potential forklift provider has in your industry and learn if there are any known issues with their products.

Warranties and Guarantees

If you’re purchasing expensive equipment, make sure that it comes with some kind of warranty or guarantee. By investing in your forklift purchase and keeping your maintenance up-to-date, you can ensure that it will last for years and years. If repairs are needed during its lifetime, they can be taken care of more easily by trained technicians than on equipment that has not been properly maintained. Also remember to use forklifts safely!

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