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Author : Lee Wood | Published On : 14 Aug 2021

An Essential Guide to the Microsoft Teams Direct-Routing

Microsoft is one of the biggest and most important global leaders in the market of Software and solutions. The Microsoft team is the platform to be a leader in collaboration with the Microsoft by enabling initiation, receiving, and management of calls by the method called direct routing. The companies or businesses will take the direct routing in terms of cost, consistency, flexibility, reliability & much more.

Direct Routing Through Microsoft Teams

By utilizing the platform of Microsoft, the direct routing enables you to get connected with the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone network) & also place/receive the calls on Teams enabled machines. With the help of trusted telephonic provider, you can achieve direct routing for Microsoft teams.

Working principle of Teams Direct Routing

On the traditional basis, both external & internal telephone calls needs to be delivered by private branch exchange or PBX phone system, which has to be located on the place of business. But this modern approach, the Microsoft teams which can be implemented as business telephony solutions to gain full capabilities. Teams can replace the PBX phone system & interrelated equipment with a cloud based system to get access to full PBX voice-calling capabilities for the external audience. A Cloud-based PBX modelcan provide you cost savings, flexible, reliable approach with the help of stable internet connection.

Advantages for the businesses:-

With the help of previously described Microsoft Phone System, under the Teams’ native PBX capabilities, the businesses can implement direct routing to get access to multiple advantages. As a business owner, you need to ensure about the availability of Microsoft-certified SBC or session-border-controller to be assured about the passing of incoming as well as outgoing calls through the Microsoft Teams & later on this get delivered to the end-users.

With direct Routing you can easily consolidate the regional carriers into a single global plan of VoIP call center thus you get exemption from carrier charges. Also, migrating from existing system to the teams will reduce overall communication costs, so that you can invest in various other strategies and IT tools. Migrating to the could-based calling approach will entirely Frees-up your maintenance & installation time also.

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