Metal Roofs and their Lasting Qualities

Author : Robert Johnson | Published On : 26 Sep 2021

The metal roof extends beyond steel and includes a greater variety of materials. The type of material is an important step in selecting the right material, depending on your location and surroundings. Aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc alloy roofing materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss their enduring properties.

1 - Zinc roof

Zinc roofing is similar to copper, has a beautiful appearance, will patina, and change color over time. Most zinc roofing panels are pre-patinated. Or it has not yet developed its protective layer that replaces the appearance of zinc. Zinc roofs are commonly found because of their aesthetics. A zinc roof will last 80-100 years or more. Like copper, it's a lifetime ceiling—once you've got it installed, you'll never have to worry about installing another roof again.

2 - Steel roof

Metal roofing is synonymous with steel. Steel is a composite made of iron and other elements. Metal roofing has been commonly used in commercial buildings for years. Recently, it is gaining popularity for its affordability, longevity, low maintenance, and use in residential homes.

Metal roofing can last 40-60 years or more if installed correctly. It brings long-term value when you compare it to other non-metal roofing materials.

3 - Aluminum roof

Aluminum is the lightest roofing material but is not fragile. Aluminum ceilings are still very durable. The strength-to-weight ratio is higher for aluminum than for other types of roofing metals. It means you get the same strength or more without using heavier materials that a challenge during installation.

Aluminum is a softer metal than steel. It is more prone to dents from hail and the weight of fallen branches or debris. Using aluminum with a heavier thickness will help increase resistance to dents, strength, and durability, but it will also cost you more.

4 - Copper roof

The copper roof is known for its attractive and unique appearance. The color of the copper will change over time, from copper to a blue-green or gray patina. The patina will vary depending on the climate.

The long lifespan of copper will last longer than almost any other type of roof. You can expect your copper roof to last at least 60 to 100 years or more. Historic copper roof proves that copper can stand the test of time.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right metal for the roof depends on the installer you choose and other defining factors. Hire experienced roofing contractors.

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