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Author : Dr Sunil Dubey | Published On : 12 Feb 2024

The importance of sexual life extends from the origin of life to death. It has also been said that where something begins, there also is where it ends. This is not just a philosophical matter, but also a reality. If there is no sexual desire in someone's life, he will neither be able to live a worldly life nor a family life. For example, the human body is composed of five elements, which include earth, water, fire, sky, and air in which all these have their own importance.


The precious metal of the human body is semen in which all these are coordinated which is an important component of sexual life. Apart from these, there are many physical, mental and other activities of human beings which lead to sexual life.


In today's topic, world famous Ayurvedacharya and India's senior sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey is going to express his address to those people who are shy about their sexual problems.

Quit your blush: meet to Sexologist doctor

Whether you are married or single, it does not matter if you are a sexual patient? It is a disease and the patient should treat it like a normal disease. It doesn't matter what people say about your sexual problem. It's your body, your life and your problem, that's why; you should take care of your health.


Dr. Sunil Dubey is the best sexologist doctor in Patna, Bihar awarded with International Ayurveda Ratna. He treats more than 25-30 sexual patients every day at Dubey Clinic. According to the medical survey of sexual health, it was found that 10 million people are being affected by sexual dysfunction every year. Out of all these, only 5 to 10% people are serious about their sexual problems and they do not hesitate to consult a sexologist or a sexual health care unit.


He requests all those who are embarrassed about their sexual problems to stop feeling ashamed. This is not a problem that cannot be overcome. In Ayurveda medical science, a person who is an expert in both Ayurveda and sexology medical science is able to treat all types of sexual patients easily. Sexual patients need to choose their best sexologist doctors to get treatment, consultation and advice. He will solve the problems of the patients through natural treatment and medicine.



Clear Mind:

It is said that as is the seed, so will be the plant. This thing also applies to our daily life that whatever one does, he will get the same. It is a real phenomenon created by nature. If we adopt something with a clean mind, its aura also becomes positive. Be it sexual life or daily life, it is necessary for our mental space to be clear and healthy.


Actually, more than fifty patients come to Dubey Clinic daily. Dr. Sunil Dubey treats twenty-five to thirty patients and also examines them mentally and psychologically. All patients are given natural medicines according to their problems. Some patients get benefit immediately after taking the medicine while some get it later. The obvious reason for this is people's thinking, routine, and following guidelines.


Positive attitude towards sexual life:

Dr. Sunil Dubey has been treating, serving and helping sexual patients from all communities for a long time. He is also the first Indian senior sexologist doctor from Bihar to be awarded the Gold Medal and Bharat Gaurav Award at the same time. He has already treated more than 3.85 lakh sexual patients in India and is continuing his practice and research even in the present time.

He always says that everyone should have a positive attitude which will help him/her to do better and best. Sexual life is one of the most fun moments for everyone but its problem is a Pandora's Box for the patient. If you have any sexual problem then share it with your guardian, parents, partner and educated people who understand its reality. Experienced sexologist doctor is your destination where you can get treatment and medicine.


New light on relationship issues:

If you are married then first of all understand your feelings and mutual understanding. Express your feelings with your partner and understand that both husband and wife is the root of life. Never let this root weaken.


Dubey Clinic also provides marital counseling to husband and wife if there is any problem in their sexual life. Generally, the main causes of any sexual dysfunction are physical, mental, physiological, medical, and health related issues. Sexologist doctor helps the patient to solve his problem and provide treatment and medicine.


With a new good wish for you, Dubey Clinic wishes you a successful marital and sexual life. If unfortunately any sexually transmitted disease comes into your life then do not panic, Dubey Clinic is always dedicated to your help.


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