Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth

Author : Sahil Arora | Published On : 03 Sep 2021

A Wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion for any married couple and calls for a celebration with family and friends. Whether it is the newlyweds’ first year of married bliss or your parents' 50th anniversary, love is always a great reason to celebrate. You may or may not be with them but an anniversary card is a very thoughtful way to show that you care. Sitting down to write a happy anniversary card for mom and dad may not come as naturally as any other birthday or anniversary card.


You can choose from a wide variety of cards available online. Some of these online platforms even have the option of designing your cards so that you can convey your feelings aptly. Then comes the difficult part. Yes! Writing a message inside the card! It’s easy to write a short text or a message to your friends but your mom and dad deserve a more personal message that will let them know how much they are loved.


Here are a few tips and tricks to write a message on your parents' anniversary.


  • Keep the message short and sweet. There is no need to write lengthy messages that have no meaning. Your words should come straight from the heart. Your simple thoughts are sure to touch a chord with your parents.

  • If you face difficulty in finding just the right words, take some time to shop for a card that has a meaningful message written in it, that suits your relationship. A plethora of options are available online and you are sure to find one that aptly describes your feelings.

  • Let a famous quote speak for you. Find a classy quote that captures your feelings.

  • Anniversaries mark the passage of time. Things must have changed from the time that your parents got married. Reflect on how their relationship has grown over the years and reminisce on the good times.


Of course! Sending a beautiful anniversary card with a thoughtful message will add a special touch to their joy and celebration. You always have so much to say to your parents;

Celebrating and acknowledging the golden couple is sure to make their special day even more meaningful. They face so many things together over the years- Career changes, travel, ups and downs in life, happy moments, your birth, the list is endless. Their anniversary is the best time to remind them of all these things that they have accomplished over the years and the beautiful journey ahead of them.


Anniversaries are a great chance to relive old memories and make new ones too. Celebrating an anniversary effectively emphasizes that marriage is a priority in their life. Plan a surprise party to make their day even more special. Pen down your thoughts on an anniversary card for parents and have it delivered with a bouquet. Give them a chance to step away from the daily schedule and relive some cherished moments of their life. The smile on their face when they receive the anniversary card will be worth the effort.