Mantras That Help Crack Civil Services Exam Besides Online Mock Test

Author : SHARIQ KHATRI | Published On : 06 Jan 2022

UPSC (Union Public Service commission) Conducts Civil service examination (Also called IAS Examination) every year for recruitment of officers for various Civil services of India. The three Central civil services are- Indian Administrative service (IAS), Indian Police service (IPS), and Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

Civil services Examination (IAS EXAM) is considered the toughest and the most Competitive Indeed, and the students normally find it very tough to crack. Lakhs of students compete every year for about less than 1000 seats for appointment in the prestigious civil services of India (having a success ratio of as low as.2 %).

Thus it is the common practice to think of this exam this way such that it's out of reach or requires some extraordinary skill to crack this exam. Thus man students fail not because the exam is tough, but because they didn't do the IAS preparation up to their abilities because of a wrong concept in mind regarding the toughness of this exam.

Take a look at the following stats for the year 2008 IAS exam...So we see half of the people backed away before the beginning. Also out of the 1, 67,035, only 40,000 were dedicated and serious competitors, rest didn't prepare at all due to the wrong concept in their minds. So half of the battle is won if we develop the right concept about the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi and the competition in mind and follow the appropriate ias study material, success can be ensured! definitely!!

Also, out of the 40,000, 10,283 were selected for the mains exam (1 out of every 4 is selected i.e. a high success ratio for 25%), and 1582 were then selected for the final interview, and finally out of those 1582, 791 were selected for the prestigious civil services.

So cheers!! At every stage the success ratio is very high. All that is needed is preparing structurally for every stage. Thus, like every other exam, a reasonable, dedicated and well planned IAS preparation effort can ensure the success in this prestigious exam. And thankfully, for ias exam 2010 the number of vacancies is as high as 965, that means a high success ratio for year 2010.