Main areas of mentoring

Author : Natalie Peters | Published On : 03 Nov 2023

Educational mentors
Mentoring is carried out in schools, colleges and universities. The main goals are to achieve greater academic success, help new students settle into a new environment, and help mentees transition to further education or careers.

Employee mentors
In this case, the mentor is usually a more experienced employee or manager. Mentors provide on-the-job training and give advice to help new employees adapt to their new positions and company.

Corporate mentors
Some companies offer or provide a mentor to ensure the professional development and retention of the right employee. This type of mentoring is more structured than other types and may include a formal agreement.

Career mentors
Career mentors help their mentees choose a career path or develop professionally. This type of mentor is usually an expert in the field in which the mentee hopes to succeed.

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