Looking For Ways To Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis? Here’s How To Do It

Author : Dr. Amir Rashidian | Published On : 28 Aug 2021


Rheumatoid arthritis is an undermined disease that affects more than a million people in the United States. However, there still is a lack of clarity on whether a particular joint pain or movement can be linked to rheumatoid arthritis. This autoimmune disease can make simple tasks like walking, lifting and climbing; akin to scaling a peak. However, with the proper lifestyle management and related tips, the same is easily manageable.


Say Yes To Frequent Moving

· While the movement is the first thing that is impacted in rheumatoid arthritis, you will have to fight it back with more movement.

· The more you slump into the couch or restrict movements, the disease tends to get the better of you.

· Exercising twice a day helps. And, if you can begin your day with some free-handed movements, nothing like it.

· Depending on your age and availability, enrol in swimming classes. These help you in negating stress and keep the joints more agile. Aerobics, too, is an option that can be adapted into your daily routine.


Maintain Healthy Intake

· Regulate eating habits, incorporate weight-controlling diets and stop junk eating. The better you maintain your weight, the better your rheumatoid arthritis gets managed.

· Joints in the body tend to bear the greater load and undergo more damage if you weigh high on the scale. 


Take No Stress

· Keeping stress at bay while ensuring the right amount of sleep goes a long way to ineffective management of rheumatoid arthritis. Make sure you unwind and relax in gaps around the day. Too much thought into how you will tackle the disease will end up hindering more than helping you. Seek assistance medically or via self-help groups.

· Involve your family or caretakers to help you out with chores that you are not comfortable doing.

· The purpose of managing rheumatoid arthritis is to take care of your body. Remember to seek help from professionals. Look for chiropractors who can help you with chronic pain management, herniated disc and kids having related issues.



Always remember that rheumatoid arthritis is progressive and can gradually affect other organs of your body as well. Close monitoring and medical follow-ups have to be in sync with these lifestyle alterations for effective disease management. If controlled at the right time, something as painful as rheumatoid arthritis too becomes a cakewalk. Living healthier must be your goal. This automatically heals most issues your body might be fighting.