Litigation Lawyer in Dubai

Author : United Advocates | Published On : 10 Feb 2024

  1. Civil and Commercial – Representing clients in all types of civil and commercial claims, DIFC Courts after the UAE courts at all stages from the case management section up to the Court of Cassation, and Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi for matters, if needed.
  1. Criminal – Assisting clients for all criminal aspects in the UAE before authorities such as Local Police, Public Prosecution and Criminal Courts.
  1. Personal Status – Acting as advisors and attorneys before all tiers of personal status courts in the UAE for family conciliation / settlement, divorce, child custody, alimony / maintenance, inheritance etc.
  1. Rental Dispute Centers – Protection of our client’s legal rights before rental dispute centers across the UAE.
  1. Intellectual Property – Handling litigation for clients in terms of breach of their intellectual property rights in the UAE, such as trademark, copyright infringement etc.
  1. Consumer Protection and Personal Data & Privacy – Safeguarding clients consumer rights, personal data & privacy, and representing them before relevant legal forums in the UAE, if required.