Light pole adapter: An ideal instrument to solve your pole size problems

Author : Affordable Lighting | Published On : 25 Jan 2022

Things to know about Light Pole Adapter

Back in 1930s when the automotive industry began to bloom the usage of Fluorescent and incandescent lights created havoc stir. Till around 1950s streetlights were mainly lit with gas. After post war electronic revolutions electricity became more available and common people began to use light poles in garages, parking yards, training grounds etc.

The USA streets started to be adorned with large, bright pole lights which were dubbed as the milky-way in the city by the then media. In this scenario light pole adapters became an extremely essential commodity to install light poles in different areas, in different forms. 

There are a few types of mounting brackets as well as light pole adapters available in the present industry to buy; some of them are mentioned below:

  • 1. Spoke mounting brackets
  • 2. Bullhorn brackets
  • 3. Wall mount brackets
  • 4. Pole top tenon adapters

Main Usage of light pole adapters

If your light pole missing a tenon and its direction needs to be re oriented, you will need a light pole adapter. Want to set up a garage light or light up your precious lawn, a good and perfect sized tenon adapter can be your answer.

These adapters are usually made with heavy duty metals and lasts for a longer period of time. These products are designed to have a full move-ability. These adapters are usually easy to install for the amateur home users as well. 

You must have come to know about spoke, bullhorn, wall mount or pole top tenon brackets or adapters. Likewise, quick ship or standard square steel, round tapered or straight steel, square straight aluminium and or decorative poles.

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At the store you can find a wide variety of electronic products at the great deal beyond imagination. Starting from led lights to adapters for the light pole, you name it and you can get that in affordable lighting. Here large sort of lighting poles of different shapes and materials are available such as:

  • 1. Quick Ship square steel
  • 2. Standard square steel
  • 3. Round tapered steel
  • 4. Round straight steel
  • 5. Square straight aluminium
  • 6. Decorative poles

Finishing Lines

So you have understood the basic thing about light pole and its adapters and how to use it and where to use it. As discussed before, light pole adapter is nothing but a mechanical device made for providing tenon mounts on the open topped poles, for switching various sized poles to smaller size to fit perfectly to street light, garage light mounting brackets.

Last, but certainly not least, you can also look up for light pole adapters suiting your necessity and budget. From economical, beginner friendly options to large, industrial high quality, deluxe variety everything is available right here. In case of confusion you can always turn to our shop assistant to resolve your queries.

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