License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras

Author : Ben Copper | Published On : 08 Sep 2021

Looking to add extra security to your facility, license plate recognition can help. With LPR cameras, you're able to keep track of vehicles that enter and exit your premises with ease 
However, to make the most of these cameras, you'll need to understand how they work, how they can benefit you, what cameras are needed to run license plate recognition, and much more.
To find out all you need to know about LPR cameras, you can keep reading further.
What is license plate recognition (LPR)?
License plate recognition is software that detects, reads and stores the video of a car license plate. It's majorly used in traffic monitoring, parking lots, and sometimes, gated security passageways.
It uses a camera to capture the plate number of a car which is then correlated with a database. This camera extracts the numbers and letters from a license plate either through ambient lighting or an infrared illuminator.  
How does an LPR work?
It's pretty simple to understand how the LPR camera works. 
An LPR camera captures the video of a vehicle license plate, then either stores it for later review or runs it through analytic software to compare it with other databases of stored plate numbers.
If your database finds a match, then a notification will be sent to you either through your mobile phone or an email alerting you that your vehicle has got a match.
Not all LPR cameras are effective, especially during the day. Therefore, for an LPR camera to work effectively, it needs to have a few specific features.
The positioning of the camera
This is such an important consideration if you want your LPR cameras orange in the county to work effectively at all times. A camera positioned too high may not capture a plate number accurately.
Also, the distance of the camera to the car needs to be considered. Even though a camera has a zoom-in feature, you may want to be careful not to zoom in way too much. Therefore, placing the camera at an angle not too far from car lighting is important.
Camera lights
This is also another very important feature. A camera's IR can be good enough to capture plate numbers during the day. But, you will have to install additional lighting at night.
The quality of the image
If an image is to be used as legal evidence, the quality of the image needs to be clear enough. The captured plate number must be 15 pixels tall at least to ensure clarity.
What are the benefits of having an LPR camera?
Well, very few situations require the need for a license plate number. However, this feature can be necessary if you'll need to:
  • Trace a suspect's vehicle
  • Trace a stolen car
  • Secure an area such as a military base
  • Enforce parking laws and much more
The importance of having a security camera can not be overemphasized. You never know, one day you might need it. That said, if you need to have an LPR camera fixed or perhaps you need the services of a cyber security company, TeraPixels is just one call away.