Let’s know about Super Visa Insurance Cambridge

Author : Manjinder Singh | Published On : 21 Aug 2021

Let’s start by talking a bit about Super Visa. Super Visa allows visitors from another country, generally parents and grandparents of the residents to stay in Canada for two years.It has to be renewed whereas a normal Visa’s validity period is only 6 months.

If you get a  Super Visa Insurance Cambridge, it is an insurance plan which offers medical coverage for medical emergencies like car accidents, cardiac arrest, pneumonia etc for your parents or grandparents who are visiting.. A Super Visa Insurance Cambridge gives you complete peace of mind in terms of medical expenses if there is such an emergency. It also includes coverage for health issues related to diabetes. Making your family’s stay as stress-free. Apply for Super insurance today. Delta insurance team is here to guide you every step of the way to make the entire process as seamless as possible. Reach out to us to resolve any issues you might have.


The applications for a Super Visa Insurance need to provide proof that they have private emergency medical insurance which is valid for a minimum of 1 year, from a Canadian insurance company . It should also include the following-


Cover emergency medical care

Hospitalization and repatriation

provides a minimum coverage of $100,000


Requirements to be fulfilled for Super Visa Insurance


Before applying for Super Visa Insurance Cambridge, you have to check if you meet the criteria to apply for the same. Below are the terms and conditions-


Criteria for your parents and grandparents (visitors)


They should not have a criminal record which may prevent them from entering Canada

They should make it clear that  they do not seek permanent residence in the country and are here for temporary stay only.


They must have medical insurance which should be from a Canadian Medical Insurance company . It should be with a minimum coverage of $100,000 and a validity of one year. 


They must specify the economic and social situation of their homeland in the application. 

It should be declared that they are coming to Canada to get away from their home country


They should have a positive social relationship with their own country. That is to be on good terms with their family living in their home country.

Passing the Immigrant Medical Insurance test is a must.


Criteria for the host


Permanent resident of Canada

You should have a stable income and submit all the  financial documents of the last three years as proof that you can take care of the cost of living during your parents’ and grandparents’ stay.

A formal invitation letter should be drafted with identity proof and other legal documents

You will have to file an affidavit that states you are financially capable of supporting your parents

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