Lessons from Driving School about Driving in Dense Fog

Author : Sam Wollongong | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

The experience of driving through dense fog can be extremely hazardous and exhausting. You must stay in the moment. Despite it being difficult, it isn't completely impossible. That is why instructors at Kellyville driving schools have taken the initiative to teach aspiring drivers how to drive in dense fog. This has proven to be a wise decision since many drivers feel confident driving down the misty road.

Whenever possible, it is advisable to wait until the weather clears before driving in fog. The following basic safety procedures must be followed if you have to move outdoors in foul weather. In foggy weather, even the most experienced drivers can overlook a detail that could have a serious impact. In this article, we will share with you some of the most important tips about how to drive through fog.

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind While Driving in Foggy Conditions?

  • Keep track of the weather aforehand: Be sure to check the weather report before you leave for outdoor activity. A few minutes of fog usually disappears quickly, so instead of taking risks driving out when visibility is poor, you can wait it out. You can find reliable information about the local weather on several apps and websites. Additionally, you need to think about whether it is worth the risk to drive in the fog. If you do not need to drive right away, your trip can be delayed or even canceled based on the weather reports.
  • Maintain Distance from other vehicles: Maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you when driving in fog. As you will have to brake more quickly when there is less visibility, you can benefit from the extra distance. Your passengers' safety is more important than braking time, which may slow you down in some ways. Keep an eye out for other vehicles' rear lights, as following those can obscure your vision and give you the false sense of security that you are not being followed.
  • Always keep your speed low and headlights on When driving in fog, most drivers lose their sense of speed because fog obscures their vision. Many drivers may experience a slower driving experience as a result. Because of the fog and the lack of objects to focus on, it is sometimes difficult to concentrate. Turning on your headlights is required when driving through fog. In foggy weather, your car's auto-on system may not work as expected due to the light conditions. In addition, be vigilant of drivers who are driving without headlights. Ensure you've turned on your headlights.
  • Use fog lights responsibly and focus on the road:  In the fog, fog lights are sometimes a problem for drivers. Several vehicles come with manuals that explain how to use fog lights. Find out what yours does if you're unsure. You should understand how fog lights operate differently when you're driving. The focus of drivers in dense fog should be on one word: concentration. Familiar roads can distract even an experienced driver, but driving in fog carries an even higher level of risk. Stop driving if uncomfortable. 

Professional driving schools in Toongabbie have already started to emphasize these factors so that the drivers are better prepared for unexpected challenges. As said earlier, keep the aforementioned points in mind while driving through fog. Hopefully, you will opt for the - ‘The road less taken.

The author works with a driving school in Kellyville and writes engaging blogs about the driving school in Toongabbie.