Learning Quran For Beginners

Author : Studio Arabiya | Published On : 14 Aug 2021

You must have a genuine desire to learn Tajweed, whether it is basic or advanced. Then, in a sincere desire to please Allah, you must stick to what you intended.

Keep in mind that your motives are something you get a reward for. Prophet Muhammad -Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him- once said:

"Actions are [judged] by motives (niyyah), so each man will have what he intended." [40 Hadith Nawawi]

We know it might be hard to start learning Tajweed, so we made a very helpful list of 9 tips, tried and tested, to help beginners to learn Tajweed. Read on to know more!

9 Helpful Tips For Learning Tajweed Of Quran For Beginners

1. Sign Up For A Credible Tajweed Online Course

Online Tajweed courses a very convenient option for a variety of people who want to learn the Tajweed Quran without leaving their houses. Whether it's for you or your kids, it's essential to consider signing up for an online course to get in touch with a professional tutor that can teach and monitor you throughout the process.

2. Take it Slow

Don't overload yourself with Tajweed rules. There are more than 70 rules of Tajweed to learn, which can be overwhelming. Taking a step-by-step in your learning process is extremely helpful in the long run.