Learn with Leaders and Harvard HPAIR present the HPAIR Asia Conference 2021: Here is What You Need t

Author : Sanjay Yadav | Published On : 25 Jul 2021


When it comes to conferences, very few are targeted towards students and young professionals, the future of our world. That is why HPAIR conferences have gathered such a massive following over the years for their uniqueness and the intellectual excellence they provide to the next generation. For the first time, HPAIR has partnered with Learn with Leaders to welcome high school students worldwide for the HPAIR Asia Conference 2021 to be held in August.

The Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) hosts one of the largest student-run conferences in the world. Formed under the Faculty of Arts and Science at Harvard University, this non-profit organization has hosted more than 43 conferences across 15 different countries, with the mission of bringing the leaders of past and present together on a common platform. As the meet moved to the virtual world due to the ongoing pandemic, HPAIR collaborated with Learn with Leaders for its August 2021 conference.

When knowledge is democratized, it becomes accessible to a larger cohort. This idea and the aim of enabling students to use networking resources is the objective that bought like-minded organizations such as HPAIR and Learn with Leaders under one roof. This write-up will enlighten you on how you can enroll for the conference and what you will gain from the meet.

Applications Details

Learn with Leaders has a page dedicated to HPAIR Asia Conference 2021, with all the necessary information to apply for the conference. The conference, themed ‘Reinventing with Resilience,’ will start on 20 August 2021 and last till 23 August 2021. The Learn with Leaders forum is dedicated primarily to high school students.

If you opt for the access pass, you can simply pay the required fees and get the pass. However, if you plan to apply for the gold pass, you will need to fill out an application form by answering a few questions. Ensure you fill the entire document carefully and honestly, as you will be evaluated based on the information you submit. Once your application is assessed by the team at Learn with Leaders, they will select a cohort for interviews, passing which, you will be finalized to attend the conference.

You can follow this link to apply for the HPAIR Asia Conference 2021through Learn with Leaders. The deadline for the application submission is 30 June 2021.

Young professionals (Above 18) have to apply from the HPAIR website https://hpair.org/ to attend the conference. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before filling out and submitting the applications. The deadline for application submission is 7 July 2021.

Highlighting the Key Takeaways for HPAIR Asia Conference 2021

  • You get a chance to hear from global leaders and speakers such as Idris Jala, Steve Aoki, N.R. Narayana Murthy, Professor Peter Singer, Rich Lesser, Muhammad Yunus, Adam D’Angelo, and many others.
  • You also acquire a Professional Certificate & personalized letter of recommendation from HPAIR, signed by HPAIR Presidents and verifiable on LinkedIn. The certificate and LOR can also be used for academic opportunities, employment, and referencing learning experiences.
  • HPAIR Asia Conference 2021 with Learn with Leaders provides terrific networking opportunities where you can connect with delegates from around the globe. You also get access to HPAIR’s 10000+ Alumni network and databases.
  • You can access HPAIR’s flagship competition, Impact Challenges, and stand a chance to win USD 2000.
  • HPAIR provides you with an excellent prospect for resume building and internship opportunities curated by Harvard students.
  • You also get a free 3-months subscription to HPAIR+ (streaming service) and a free yearly subscription to the Asia Leaders Series.

Mentioned above are a few of the many fantastic benefits that HPAIR offers through the HPAIR Asia Conference 2021. The conference offers much more than interactions with top-notch mentors, gurus, and leaders. By partnering with Learn with Leaders, HPAIR has extended these value additions to high school students worldwide, giving them flourishing advantages for a bright future.