Learn Everything About Planning Applications

Author : Garry Stacks | Published On : 11 May 2021

Under current UK law, anybody can apply to build a piece of land even though they do not already own it. There is no need for a statement of contiguous rights before submitting an application, but planning maps must be used to determine the precise position of the application. Not only that but at the same time, if the applicant owns multiple adjacent applications, then also there is no obligation to consolidate those in one planning application in Berkshire. But as per the rules, each application should be kept separate as well as individual planning needs to be used in each case. If the proposal is approved, the declaration of intent for the site as defined in the planning maps, as well as the nature of the development, maybe changed while the application is being processed.

No matter you are planning to make very little or huge alteration to your house, you need to apply for the planning application available in Berkshire and get the approval for proceeding with the renovations.

Sometimes, people think that submitting and getting approval is so easy and there is very little time is involved in the whole process. But it’s not true actually. If you are not well aware of the planning application Berkshire conditions as well as the pitfalls that await you, you may find that your application is denied eight weeks later, forcing you to hire a professional. As they are working in this field for a long time, they can help you the best in the same manner. The experts are familiar with the entire planning system and they also know what is the size of the project that will be acceptable to the planners and the higher authority. Not only that but at the same time, they will suggest to you what documents will be that you need to submit while you are applying for the application. Be sure to provide all valid documents. In case the planner finds anything wrong or a fake document then he will reject the application and you have to wait for a few days for re-submission.

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