LCD And LED Screens- When And Where To Be Used?

Author : Chris Copper | Published On : 21 Apr 2021

Outdoor LED Screen Sydney

Digital displays are ever-changing and it becomes very crucial to plan your choice in regards to LED or LCDs. Screens are commonly used at stadiums, playgrounds, highways, showrooms, to name a few. The LED screens are highly flexible in their displays and advertising options. 

As the popularity of LEDs is fast hitting the world, it is very common to have a tough time choosing between LED or LCD screens. Since many people are looking forward to investing in the LED screens, the LCDs need to get a fair chance too. Here’s a closer look at the usage of LED and LCD screens: 

When to use LED screens?

Since these days the outdoor LED screen display in Sydney is becoming more and more popular so it becomes very crucial for the people to know the reason behind it. The LED screens are more visible on the outside when compared to LCD screens. The LED screens are adept in standing against the conditions of heat, moisture and varying intensities of light.

The best part of using LED screens is that they consume very little power and can save a significant amount of non-renewable resources. The LEDs are considered to be a far more superior option than the traditional LCDs.

Coming to the best part of LEDs, they are highly energy-efficient and consume up to 90% less power than the other lighting options. This hints that LEDs require fewer replacements and lasts for times to come.

Where to use LED screens?

The outdoor LED screen in Sydney is a huge hype these days due to its vast area of usage. Just because LEDs are flexible in regards to their usage, they can easily adhere to any screen ratio or size and can way too easily flex around pillars or other unusual shapes. So even if your signs are rounded or appear very large, LED would be the obvious route you would want to take. 

For instance, if you have screens that need to be up and running at a moment’s notice, then LED signs to light up very quickly. The LEDs are ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on/off cycling! The LED signage has paved the way to the new green technology and must be embraced by the masses!

When to use LCD screens?

LCD or the Liquid Crystal Display technology is typically used in laptops and considered as a yesteryear trend. It has found its usage in several electronic gadgets and was the go-to option of the Gen X Millennial.

LCD is not a very fruitful choice as it is not as energy-efficient as modern-day LED gadgets and screen signage. Hence, all in all, the choice of the rental LED screens in Sydney will seem to create a surreal impact on your marketing strategy!

Decide your pick: Both the options of the display are equally lurking and sure to confuse you in every sense. But the LED screens have paved the way for attractive as well as affordable display solutions. Signage is a huge branding factor and must be kept par with the day to day advancements. In all, your budget and requirements is a huge deciding factor in terms of your choice.