Know more about Gurkha knife

Author : Joel Gomez | Published On : 06 May 2021

The words Gurkha and kukri are closely associated with each other. It can be called a fairytale. The Gurkhas and the kukri honed the fame during the time of world wars. Since those days the kukri has been better known as “The Gurkha Knife.” The kukri is not just the national weapon of Nepal but a utility knife for Nepalese and it retains a unique as well as an important place in Nepalese culture. The kukri symbolizes Nepalese traditions, cultures, history, and to some extent, spiritual beliefs. In some areas, it signifies a communal role as well as serves as a sign of wealth, social status, and prestige. The kukri has not only been the weapon of battle, but also a flexible tool in peacetime, and many men from various groups in Nepal love to carry one with them all the time.

The knife technology is continuously booming in the market to offer clients efficient technology that they can use for basic kitchen or household chores. However, these knives are most likely one of the best to come out of this segment, such that many consider it to be a leader in edged weapons. The kukri is a type of knife usually associated with the Nepali-speaking Gurkhas of Nepal and India. The Gurkha knife can be used for many purposes as a melee tool and also as a cutting tool. The blade has generally served the role of an essential utility for several reasons. It is initially designed for chopping. The size differs a great deal from being straight to highly curved. There is a remarkable difference in dimensions and blade thickness depending upon the specification of purposes. These knives are developed to hit on targets faster and more powerful than other knives. The curved blade shape and weight distribution combination make it a useful weapon and display piece for knife enthusiasts. The exceptional design of the custom-made kukri knife gives a vicious look and provides benefits over straight blades because it doesn't need the operator to angle the wrist to make a successful strike.

Gurkha knives are purely noticeable to most knife enthusiasts. This is for the reason of the distinct curve of the blade, which is usually flat ground. The cutting edge of the most kukri is made thin enough to cut with perfection, but thick enough to take unremitting pounding and hacking.

Since its establishment, Ex Gurkha Khukuri House has been designing several custom-designed Gurkha knives for the troops of the US and UK. It is Nepal's finest custom-made kukri knife producer with a remarkable market presence. EGKH is manufacture, exporter, and supplier of Nepalese custom Kukris. It offers a plethora of Kukri knives online for sale. Being on the bestseller list, it offers top-notch quality in its products. These knives are completely designed by the technical experts of the company. The skilled workforces of EGKH are using domestic tools to meet the customer’s expectation. It is an outstanding tool to use for a lifetime.

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