King size, better sleep.

Author : Cliff Richard | Published On : 15 Oct 2021

Summer is sultry, lack of sleep will affect work and study, I have been suffering from insomnia. I am easy to get hot and dry. The quilt is a burden for me in summer. I always unconsciously lift the quilt, and I feel that my skin cannot breathe. I had to change my quilt. I felt like my old quilt was taking my breath away. It was too heavy and thick for summer use.

I looked at this bedspread quilt carefully for a long time, and after comparing it for a long time, I decided to buy it. One is the right size, and the other is the right weight for me. I don't want a heavy quilt, this one looks very light. It is indeed lighter than other quilts, so there is no pressure on the body when covering up at night.

I saw a set of quilts like this in a physical store, which cost $300, but I found a similar one online, which cost only a few tens of dollars. I think there is almost no difference, and when comparing prices, I will choose this one. I think the workmanship is excellent for the price. I'm glad I found a bedding Coverlet Set cheap and easy to use!

Now it is very comfortable to sleep at night, I can fall asleep quickly, because the quilt is very light, summer night is not bothering me, I do not have the hot feeling. I will work harder when I get a good rest.