4 Reasons You Should Implement Dark Mode in Your Website

Author : Chelsea Allport | Published On : 17 Apr 2022


Dark mode, or dark mode web design, is the latest trend in web development. For individuals who rely on computers and mobile devices for interacting with the world around them, dark mode in apps and web design has been very helpful. You might be wondering why using dark mode in website design Wollongong is beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why dark mode could help your site’s user experience, engagement, and conversion rates.

Black Backgrounds are Easier on the Eyes:

The human eye is more sensitive to blue than any other colour. So, when a website’s background is white, it can actually be painful to look at. Not only that, but a black background (aka dark mode) allows you to see brighter, bolder colours on your page and increases contrast by making lines clearer. Studies have also shown that people tend to focus better on pages with black backgrounds. White is simply too bright for most people.

Dark Mode Boosts Conversion Rate:

Our eyes are sensitive to contrast, and research shows that too much contrast can lead to visual fatigue. Using black instead of white is a great way to increase your site’s legibility and cut down on eye strain. That also means users can more easily read and interact with your site, which ultimately increases conversions.

Simply put, making your interface darker leads to more engaged visitors! And those visitors will be able to complete their tasks quicker because they won’t be fatigued from squinting at bright lights or clicking on links and buttons.

Saves Battery/Energy:

By switching to a darker colour scheme, you can noticeably reduce your energy consumption. Dark colours require less processing power and battery usage for most smartphones and computers with OLED screens. The colour black is particularly efficient at absorbing light, which makes it an ideal choice for screens that are constantly on. If you want to help customers save energy and money, try implementing dark mode in your website design in Wollongong!

Makes Your Site Visually Appealing:

Most websites still rely on a plain, white background, which can be incredibly boring. It makes sense why people like to pick bright colours and visually appealing imagery. One way to spruce up your website or branding in Wollongong is by using a dark theme instead. Darker tones tend to match every kind of imagery you would use, as well as text, so there’s a lot more flexibility with how you present yourself online.

Dark mode is something that many designers are recently considering implementing in their designs and user interfaces. It can be used to create a dramatic effect, while also giving your readers visual peace and comfort when viewing your content on their devices. Talk to a digital marketing agency in Wollongong if you need assistance in web design.

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