Is the laser pointer a good toy for cats?

Author : Wallis Lucy | Published On : 16 Oct 2021

Why do cats like laser pointers?

According to animal behavior experts, a typical cat has at least 8-10 "hunting expeditions" a day. This is also true for indoor cats that do not need to hunt. Therefore, domestic cats may be addicted to cat high power laser pointer toys. But one question ruined the party: Is laser pointer harmful to cats? Specifically, it uses the light spot generated by a handheld (it seems to have an automatic) laser device, and then moves the bright pattern generated by the laser. The light attracts cats and other instinctive animals (it is said that dogs don’t like it) in an irregular way and guides them. On the floor or wall or other opaque surface near the cat.

Benefits of cat chasing laser pointer
1. Increase the amount of exercise for cats, so that cats who have no energy to vent can exercise as much as they want. Let cats who do not like exercise reduce the possibility of obesity, and let obese cats lose weight.
2. For the shit shovel officer, the Green laser cat toy is simply too suitable for lazy people. As soon as you sit on your hips, move your fingers to make the cat achieve the effect of running around the house. Compared with other feather cat toys, the service life is much longer.
3. Use a simple way to increase the amount of interaction between the shoveling officer and the cat, and make the connection between each other closer. Raising a cat is not about raising potted plants. It requires interaction (such as petting, playing, etc.) to enhance feelings.

It’s also risky for cats to chase laser pointers

Cats are especially excited when they see moving objects. Even if we feel that we are holding it steadily, the laser pointer will still shake slightly with the hand. This level of movement is sufficient for cats. Therefore, the reason why the blue laser pointer attracts cats is that it can exercise hunting skills and play. But for cats, long-term pursuit of things that will never be able to chase may actually cause potential harm to the cat's psychology.