Is NGK spark plugs only for car spark plugs?

Author : ana banoo | Published On : 24 Nov 2021

Why buy NGK SparkPlugs?
When it comes to providing the best ignition and sensor technology, the NGK candle is unquestionably number one. Over the past 80 years, NGK candles have gained a great reputation in the global candle market due to their quality and are very popular among workshops, businesses and customers. NGK candles are one of the most trusted products for a wide range of professionals and amateurs around the world.

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Is NGK spark plugs only for car spark plugs?
No - NGKA spark plugs, which are leading in the automotive industry, are available for almost any type of engine:

NGK spark plugs for all types of cars, trucks, SUVs
NGKA spark plugs for motorcycles, ATVs
NGK spark plugs for small motors and power tools
NGK spark plugs for agricultural engines
NGK spark plug for electric motor
NGK candle for tiler
NGK spark plug for gasoline cultivator
NGK spark plugs for sprayers
NGK candles for weeds
NGK spark plugs for air engines
NGK candles for aircraft
NGK candles for paragliders
NGK spark plugs for marine engines
NGK candles for jet skiing
NGK spark plugs for motor boats
NGK spark plugs for coastal quad bikes