Is It Legal For A House At 15402 Snohomish Loop To Be Overtaxed By 95% In El Paso County?

Author : Property Tax Appeal OConnor | Published On : 22 Jul 2021

Home address: 15402 Snohomish Loop
2021 Tax Assessment: $202,470
Recent Sales Price: $104,000  – Over-taxed by 95%

Half or more of Texas homeowners are paying more than their fair share of property taxes. Most market value protests are successful, typically saving the owner hundreds or thousands of dollars. Unequal appraisal appeals compare the level of assessment of your house to comparable houses typically on a per square foot basis. The majority who appeal their Texas property taxes are successful.

Many owners intended to appeal but the May 15th date slipped by with no appeal.  If you want to appeal and it is slipping your mind, consider a consultant. One reason it is difficult for appraisal districts to correctly value homes is they are not homogenous. Some have been remodeled and some haven’t. Tax protests are resolved at the informal hearing since the result is within a “reasonable range of value”. Appraisal is not an exact science and valuations are only an educated opinion of value not a fact. Appraisal property taxes, yard work and HVAC check-ups are just a few of the responsibilities for homeowners.