Invent cool stuff while spending quality time with your child

Author : Microduino Inc | Published On : 12 Oct 2021

You want to create something remarkable because you’ve just had an idea that no one else has invented. Yes, you’ll be rich with that invention, and all you’ll be thanking your creative brain. But, that’s not all!

There’s the part where invention needs tools. Have you heard of Arduino compatible kits? These kits come with little or, let’s say, microchip sensors, actuators, and the works. For instance, Microduino provides STEM learning kits for kids to invent mind-blowing gadgets. These come with Arduino compatible kits that contain programmable and stackable electronics. These electronics are programmed using the language of coding. That’s right; your kid will code at an age that only genius adults could achieve.

What’s more, is that you can program fascinating inventions and programmable toys along with your child. If you’ve been missing out on spending time with your kid, then now’s your chance to make up for it!

Spend the quality time that is productive

Your child misses you because, as a parent, you’ve got work to do and food to put on the table. So, with the minimal time that you have, you’d rather spend those priceless moments with your child. More so, that time you spend with your child has to be filled with fun and learning. You, as a parent, can make this dream come true.

Coding is a subject that trains the mind to think creatively, analytically, and critically. While you and your child work together on STEM learning kits, your child becomes proficient in communicating further steps, learning the coding language, and comprehending the instructions provided.

Don’t take the opportunity lightly when you can give your kid the most precious gift beyond birthdays – the gift of knowledge.