Interesting Facts About Beaded Gemstone Jewelry

Author : Silver Street Jewellers | Published On : 13 Jan 2022

Beaded gemstones have been around since ancient times; their history is as vibrant as the gemstones themselves. These durable pockets of color hold intrigue and myths in their depths that make for amusing facts about their existence.

You can readily find numerous tales that underline gemstones' significance in crafting social hierarchy and the perfect romantic proposition? From emperors to castle guards to a few ordinary folks, gemstones have passed hands in secrecy to full-fledged generation handing-down.

Gemstones in Jewelry Production

It is not merely the color but additional attributes like depth, hue, and saturation that make the gemstones highly appealing. Seeking the perfect gemstone that suits your taste might turn out to be an imposing adventure.

Merely keep a vital pointer in mind when seeking crystals and gemstones for sale. Gemstones that feature clear color, without grayness or discoloration, and are a deep hue of the same are genuine quality gemstones.

Interesting Gemstone Facts

As an entrant to the cosmos of beaded jewelry, the journey of sieving through the numerous gemstones for sale is a gratifying experience. Here are a few tidbits regarding the past and present designation of the vibrant alternates. 

Personality Features

Scientifically speaking, the color of the gemstones gets determined by the vibrations produced during their formation. These colors, as depicted by scientists, resemble the personality of the particular gemstone.

They believe that every gemstone's personality reflects the person who owns the stone. Whether or not it holds is a matter of personal perception and experience.

Spiritual Features

Ancient mystics have forever utilized gemstones as precious amulets to ward off evil intentions and influences. You may have seen such depictions in movies and cartoons, where huge chunks of glittering gemstones serve as the focal treasure of a cult.

Astrology also utilizes gemstones as a medium to connect a gemstone to a person’s birth. These fortunate gemstones get believed to either enhance or depreciate some aspects of life, like professions or relationships.

As seen from a holistic angle, gemstones of varied colors assist in realigning emotional imbalances and often physical illnesses. Topaz and Amethyst are well-known to cater to specific issues like boosting immunity or relieving pain.


Unlike gold and silver that often experience gender discrimination, gemstones offer neutrality that sits well with everyone. Interestingly, the male population is availing of beaded gemstones for sale as cheap alternatives to pricey metals.


Besides, even some upscale gemstone varieties like sapphire and aquamarine are relatively cheaper in beaded forms. The added incentive is the availability of colors in single beaded jewelry compared to monotonous and lavish metals.

Individual Characteristics

Just as a gemstone features a personality, it also holds intriguing characteristics. Tourmaline is peculiarly dual-hued in a single piece and also exhibits pyroelectric properties. 

Sapphire exists in all rainbow colors and is not limited to being blue. With its orange hues, Citrine reserves a place of honor in traditional Highland brooches thanks to Queen Victoria.

Final Thoughts

The world of gemstones is sometimes an exaggeration and other times, tantalizing in which to revel. Nevertheless, they add a dash of color to your wardrobe and pair eloquently with all fashion styles. 

If you are ever out to buy gemstones and crystals, try going by your intuition to see if any gemstone resonates with its unique frequencies with you!