Author : jimmy lasalle | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

Strategic integrated marketing aims to give customers a consistent experience. A company's affinity and sales can be enhanced by keeping a consistent presence across all media. This includes both simple enhancements like logos and specialized color schemes, as well as high-tech choices such as mobile apps, data-based personalization, and rewards. The personality of a brand is established through strategic integrated marketing, which makes it far more approachable to customers. 

Consumers are becoming increasingly wary of dealing with faceless, multinational firms. To humanize their product lines, many corporations have turned to integrated marketing. To improve their consumer relationships and position themselves for future success, brands use cause-based marketing, ongoing communication, and in-store mobile advertising.

Using Unified Marketing to Humanize a Brand

The importance of integrated marketing in humanizing a brand cannot be overstated. This customer-centric marketing strategy is a way of giving a company a consistent identity across all platforms, such as:

  1. Advertising communications, similar to commercials, form the foundation for a brand's personality. For example, a brand with amusing advertising should maintain the same level of humor across all platforms.

  2. Discounts, special deals, and events should all reflect the personality of the company. A brand known for high-end quality would not, on the spur of the moment, launch a heavily discounted event, as it would be incongruous with the business's existing identity.

  3. Direct marketing: Language, colors, and logos used in email and SMS messages to customers should be consistent with the brand's identity.

Use integrated shopping aisle marketing

Integrated marketing does not have to be restricted to digital platforms. In the shopping aisle, it should also give a consistent experience. You can mix digital and physical experiences using mobile apps, which can include:

  1. Location-based notifications: Brands may engage with customers while they are in the shopping aisle, near their products, using location-based messaging. Brands can tailor experiences by offering incentives and events based on the consumer's location.

  2. Personalization: Mobile apps provide an additional opportunity to customize messaging to customers while they are shopping. In addition to location, mobile apps may provide marketers with information about a customer's demographics, in-app usage, preferences, and behaviors. As a result of this information, brands will be able to offer customers mobile communications that are personalized to their unique needs as they get closer to making a purchase.

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