Influencer Marketing Agency

Author : Digitant PVT LTD | Published On : 25 Nov 2021


Promoting your brand and building associations


       We demystify the closely intertwined concepts of Public Relations and Digital Marketing.Digital or online PR is one of the effective inbound marketing methods to reach out to your customers directly - faster and deeper than ever before. By displaying promotional material at the right sites and using it to connect with your target, we help you derive brand visibility in exponential terms.


How it works ?

       Being an effective inbound marketing agency means that we create, curate, transform, and display content to the target audience via publishing, especially through influencer connects. One of the fastest-growing channels of marketing, influencer marketing can be an affordable form of generating high quality, authoritative content. Influencers have their own social circle that gets added to your business, thus increasing the reach of your content and product information.

Digital Marketing Agency


Apart from influencer marketing, Digitant offers the following Digital PR and inbound marketing services:

  • Article Marketing : It is one of the most economical, sustainable and high-impact methods of promoting your content.
  • Press release writing & publishing : In order to promote your brand visibility, we create and publish press releases highlighting new products/services provided by your company and emphasizing their benefits.
  • Influencer Relationships : Using inbound marketing best practices, we identify influencers in your area of business, and create and cultivate mutually advantageous relationships with them so that their credibility and authority creates a positive impact on your business.