Indoscan – App Launched

Author : saloni shah | Published On : 01 Apr 2021

How to use customer Indoscan:

Register & Login:

Download Indoscan through google play store. Open the installed app, then signup/ login in with your mobile number and verify your account with OTP. Now you can experience the best in class scanning features.


Indoscan offers multiple features like single doc, multiple docs, settings, my doc, etc., and also you can organize scan Documents in folders. and also see the camera icon from the application.

Scanning your document in just a few Minutes:

Just click on the camera icon from the application and start scanning your important document and save it digitally. You also have options to scan only single document or multiple documents at once.

Clean your Document, Remove your Extra edges:

Remove the extra edges according to your document requirement. Also, you can rotate your document and adjust orientation.

Free Filters with many more Options:

Smart filters resolutions like lighten, magic color, Gray mode, black & white, ensures the texts & graphics in scanned documents are clear and sharp with colors. Also, you can modify the contrast with multiple levels according to your document requirements.

Quickly generate & share your PDF or JPG document with friends:

After you have scanned your documents, you can generate a PDF file, and then you can send and share it via Email, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, MS Team, and Upload to print it. You can check out your saved file in the My Docs folder and easily organize or reorder files.

Indoscan is the most powerful & user-friendly document scanning application with a PDF converter. It is free to use, No Ads, Completely Secure, and available Anytime and Anywhere!!!