Increasing Safety And Protection In Our Neighborhoods Using Neighborhood Bicycle Patrols

Author : faheem khatri | Published On : 09 May 2022

The Municipality of Panajachel has recently issued a bulletin, "Organizaciód Comunitaria para manhunter Convivencia ymca Seguridad durante al Municipio p Panajachel." It's intended to describe something of the annals and causes for the creating the Protection Commission and the Safety Patrols. Since much of the international colony in Panajachel hasn't been fully aware of the reason why for these developments, we provide this extra information. and Within the last five years extortions and kidnappings have increased dramatically throughout.

The Department of Sololá ;.Guatemalans surviving in Panajachel remember hearing of some body being kidnapped every few days. A broad feeling of fear has developed as many wondered who'd be next. Because they were small included, the extent of this development has been unrecognized by several in the international colony. Few security patrol services have already been goals of extortion or kidnapping and many of their connections are with the others who are equally uninvolved. and The truth is, but, that Panajachel has been invaded by criminal elements.

Having less resources and problem at the national stage has made it impossible to supply a sufficient number of police officers for the town. Only lately the Vice-Minister of Government and the National Main of Police stated to assign three additional radio patrol cars, four authorities cycles and additional police to Panajachel. and A lot of the criminal task is related to the activities of who has been well known as a leader one of the these operating in Panajachel. The broad system of his accomplices.

Those managed by him can also be well known. Legitimate action is seldom taken against them because under Guatemalan law, their violations need to be proven. Witnesses fearing reprisals regularly will not testify. Therefore many of those captured move free another day. and Though kidnappings have decreased in volume, they have extended till recently. Even in January of this year a person in a significant kidnapping ring in the Department of Sololá was captured in Panajachel in a candle shop close to the market. At this time here are fourteen or fifteen.