Include Dale Hollow In Your Next Trip to Kentucky

Author : Joseph Jacob | Published On : 16 Sep 2021

Situated on the Northern Tennessee and South Central Kentucky border, Dale Hollow Lake is a wonderful family vacation spot. It offers several facilities that include water sports, fishing, nature, swimming, shopping, and much more. Dale Hollow lake rentals are relatively comfortable and affordable. There is plenty to do in Dale Hollow. Enjoy boating. There are houseboats available in different capacities for rent for families to enjoy a few hours into the lake. 

More about Dale Hollow Lake

The Flood Control Act, 1938 approved the construction of the Dale Hollow Dam and Lake.  Although the US Army Corps of Engineers designed the project, they handed over its construction work to private contractors. The dam, power plants, and reservoir are managed and operated by the Nashville District of the Corps of Engineers.

Dale Hollow is famous for fishing, and you can find plenty of people trying their luck. However, besides fishing, the place has grown into a hot tourist spot. Tourists have a great time with the amenities available here- camping, hunting, hiking, biking, golf, parks, and of course, fishing and boating. About 90 miles away is the city of Nashville. Tourists often visit and spend a day enjoying Pontoon boat rentals, Nashville services. the boats are clean and neatly maintained 

On the northernmost of Dale Hollow is the Sulphur Creek Marina. They have houseboat packages and boats of various sizes and capacities. If you have plan to  go fishing, you must purchase your fishing license before you land in Dale Hollow. Browse the respective websites of Tennessee and Kentucky for details. 

The dale hollow houseboat rentals are always in high demand. Visitors never miss an opportunity to experience a water vacation. The houseboats are available in three sizes of 80 ft., 82 ft., and 90 ft. 

If you wish to have more adventure and water holiday, consider the Douglas Lake jet ski rentals. Explore the lake or enjoy skiing /fishing. You can rent pontoon boats, bass boats, ski boats, paddle boats, etc.   

Conclusion: Plan your holiday well in advance and have a fantastic water vacation enjoying a boat ride across the beautiful lakes that Tennessee offers.