In Wotlk/Cata, I met two of my most online friends

Author : wei yismart | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

I will never forget the man who disbanded my guild. It was me who WOW TBC Gold didn't have the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare achievement. The meta one that awarded the mounts. I tried so hard and multiple times.. He came with me one day on a whim and gave me the award. I nearly cried, I was super excited! My protodrakes are one of my most favorite models. Still one of my favorite mount models.

Well, let's see a random PUG mythic group required a tank, so I sat down. It was similar to two times more. They were shocked. The rest of them are guildies so they're expecting a kick. "No Problem!" We're terrible." They didn't, but they did 5 more M+ after the first one, and taught me routes as well as mechanics. They even provided me with a tank or healer spot on their raid team.

A acquaintance I met at my first guild raid stayed with me following the raid. Her boyfriend and she helped me gear up and even gave me my SL Lego. The guild, however, wasn't nice to me personally and I didn't go to any subsequent raids.

My guild in general is awesome.. We all help each other out in various ways. I was able to pay a guildie for a month of gaming time, when I was struggling and couldn't afford it. They're there whenever I need a ear, etc. I've had mostly good experience with WoW probably due to my guild. Most bad experiences on WoW are caused by PUGS, but even that it's rare.

I prefer to keep the keys down on my tank in case it can help newer or less-geared people get some gear. It's not a huge amount, but it must feel amazing to be the only people who are dps in the group finder.

In Wotlk/Cata, I met two of my most online friends when we were lvling alts. We went on many alt-lvling runs together and we had fun playing low level PVP to. While we played less but we still went back to it for occasionally a break or two. Now , we enjoy all sorts of random games together. Despite our current game status, i will always be grateful to wow for providing me with two 10+ years old buddies to chat with and to play with.In my experience, I've played Retail WoW before but never ever WoW Classic. So , my perception of WoW classic is that it's playing through the game of it first came out and then TBC came years later.

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