In What Ways Merit Scholarships Can Be Beneficial for The Minority Students?

Author : Daniel Leo | Published On : 09 Mar 2021

This article aims to explore how merit scholarships can transform the educational experience of minority students and their parents. Here we will discuss the benefits of merit-cum-means scholarship for the students who belong to marginalized groups.

Every child deserves an opportunity to get educated. But many obstacles come in the way of education and students that belong to the minority groups. Students have to deal with the multi-faceted challenges while studying in a country where things are different in all aspects such as religion, race, gender, ethnicity, age, experience, etc. The biggest challenge that troubles both the students and their parents is finding means to cover tuition and other education-related fees to remove their financial obstacles.

Despite having the availability of plenty of merit scholarships, the challenges persist. This is because the students and their parents lack sufficient knowledge about them. These scholarships can be beneficial for students coming from marginalized groups and low-income families to pursue an education in any country of the world.

The merit scholarship is one among them that encourages higher education among pupils pertaining to marginalized communities. To be qualified for this scholarship, there are certain eligibility criteria that you must fulfill. The best attribute for this Merit-Cum-Means scholarship is that it encompasses the value for the entire scholastic year/course. The students and their parents can remain absolutely stress-free and focus on their studies. Here are some other ways in which this scholarship can provide benefits to such students. 

How Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Can Be Beneficial for Minority Students?

There are immense advantages of the Merit-cum-Means Scholarship for Minorities. This scholarship provides financial support to the students for technical and professional courses at different educational levels. Whether you want your child to get enrolled in primary school, secondary school, or high school in Abu Dhabi, merit-cum-means scholarship can be advantageous for students to pursue education on different academic levels. Merit-cum-means scholarships are awarded on the basis of two special criteria: merit and means.

Merit implies that the student should meet the academic qualifications established by the scholarship board. For example, secure a determined GPA or mark during your final examination. On the other hand, Means implies that scholarships will be provided to students on the basis of the annual income of the parents. Suppose, there is a student whose family gross income is less than 15000AED, then he or she will be eligible for MCM scholarships. Students can apply for scholarships through various means. The MCM scholarships are curated with the purpose to help deserving students and their parents afford education across different financial spectrums.

If you want to overcome the financial obstacles and want to pursue education without any burden then apply for Merit-cum-Means Scholarship offered by the GIIS Abu Dhabi.