Improve the Efficiency of your Smartphones - Laser Separating Machine

Author : Patrick Jamieson | Published On : 04 Sep 2021

Plenty of mobile maintenance specialists’ tools were available in the market. The laser machine is the most demanded in the repair market. You might be curious to know more about this laser machine and how it can be used to repair the broken screen of cell phones. 
Novices need to learn more about this machine and how they choose to have some practical and useful of them. In this article, you are going to know more about the laser machine and how it helps in the mobile repairmen industry. 
Laser separating machines
This machine is very widely used in the mobile repairmen industry. Most popularly used for the replacement of back glass panel of the costly branded Smartphone such as iPhone. This machine can tear down the mid-frame, bezel, front glass, cover of the mobile phones and also helps to engrave the patterns or texts located on the back-panel cover. 
Principle of Laser Separating Machine
It works by a principle in which a laser beam is applied on the back panel, which can easily penetrate the screen, back panel so that the glue on the mid-frame as well as on the glass rear cover can easily meltdown. 
This laser beam won’t be causing any physical damage to the screen. By using this machine, you can easily take apart the broken Smartphone.  
Laser machines usually use red and white laser beams. With the white laser beam, the glue on the phone screen can be easily and more precisely removed. The red-light laser beam helps in assisting the laser beams' inaccurate positioning for the disassemble operation. 
How does this Laser Separating Machine affect the phone repair?
If you are involved in the mobile phone repair industry, you might be aware of the difficulty faced while separating the phone’s mid-frame. 
The phone needs to be soaked in white oil, heated, and separated in the earliest dismantling process. An ultra-low temperature freezing machine then chilled it. But now, it can be easily dismantled by using a laser separator machine. 
This laser machine, especially TBK Laser Machine, has turned up in the mobile repairmen market. This TBK Laser Machine has used a centered positioning structure and a high XY axis operation, which helps conduct the phone separation more accurately and stably. This device has dramatically improved efficiency. 
Features of the M-Triangle Laser Machine
• It’s a closed system and is smart and flexible enough to operate
• It’s generally used to remove the middle frame and the rear glasses of the Smartphone, such as Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, Nokia, Vivo phones, etc.
• It can be used over the metal and nonmetal material engraving, and it can also be used for the cell phone LCD screen separation, cell phone and back cover glass separation, cell phone mid-frame cutting,
• Have stylish and patented design
• Suitable for the laser repair of all the touch screen smartphones
• It adopts a high-performance digital galvanometer scanning system which is very fast, precise, and can work for a long time. Can be used in metal and nonmetal material such as ceramic, marbles, epoxy, rubber, silicone, etc.