Important tips to indulge your children in Reading

Author : ras al khaimah academy | Published On : 10 May 2021

If you want your children to be meticulous and brilliant in studies, you have to participate actively in their learning. Schools play their part and indulge them in different learning activities but the role of guardians and parents is as crucial in developing some good learning habits in them. Reading is one of the most essential and required learning activities that can help your child to develop interest in studies and enhance their perception level. RAK American Academy and some other schools in Ras-Al-Khaimah keep encouraging parents to involve themselves in children’s learning and this starts from developing good reading skills in them. This post will offer you some valuable insights towards this fundamental learning skill to lay a robust foundation for your child.

Identifying the Letters

This is the most initial stage where parents should try to help children in identifying the letters. Remember how our parents used to hang wooden letters spelling our names above the cribs. When children see something constantly, they start figuring out the shape and size and then with our certain attempt, they start identifying that letter followed by its pronunciation. You can help them recognize letters by using some creative toys available in the market. Turn this into a progressive learning pattern by adding another letter to it and helping children to get acquainted with some two or three alphabet words. This is the initial platform of reading that must be focused enough to generate an early interest in child. RAK American Academy, the first American curriculum school in Rak applies various innovative techniques to engage its kindergarten section in reading by making it a fun.

Set an Example before Them

Children often have a tendency to follow their parents whatever they do or speak before them. They try to copy your body language, tone, dialect, and that everything that is manageable by them. Hence, you must read something before them daily. It can be a newspaper, novel, magazine or even a storybook. The best thing is to start with a storybook as children often enjoy listening tales. Before reading, developing good listening skills in them will make them eligible for a good reader also. Try to make your reading as interesting as it may sound to your child and watch their response. Then slowly but steadily, ask them to read like you by providing some good storybooks. Top schools in Ras-Al-Khaimah like RAK American Academy emphasizes much on developing good reading skills in children from an initial stage and this is why it has equipped itself with some best teaching staff especially for its Kindergarten section.

Make it Interactive

You must be wondering how reading can be made interactive for children. I you keep asking some questions in-between the story or anything which your child is reading, you are helping them to develop an interest in it and moreover, it will enhance their comprehension as well. Remember, reading is not just speaking aloud some words but children must also understand what they are reading. You can help them to relate the content to their daily life by providing some apt examples. Children often develop interest for something quickly when they notice it as a part of their life. So you should always be there with them to help them connect to their reading in an effective way. Some best schools in RAK also support this aspect to develop good reading skills among children at an early stage.

All you need to focus is to make reading a fun for them and helping them constantly wherever they seem to lack their interest in it. Spare sometime with them and involve yourself actively throughout their reading phase. The time invested at this initial stage will definitely pay rich dividends for your child.